How do I comb my hair thick, fantastic hairstyle?

Curly hair is fantastic and can grant you an unconventional beauty, and yet there you are, trapped under a bristling hair. The spiky hair naturally tends to be dry, and when the locks are dry, thirsty and absorb moisture from the air . 

 What’s the score? The good news is that it is simple moisturize your hair in preparation for styling. Reconcile with your hair type to create a voluminous hairstyle. One of the advantages of thick curls it gives you the ability to hide hairpins and hair bands between your strands, which will leave people wondering how you managed that fantastic hairstyle!

bristly curly


Moisturize your hair. This makes your locks are too full to absorb more moisture from the air and stand on end. They will look and feel healthy and smooth to the touch. Wash with shampoo only two to three times per week to avoid stripping your hair of natural oils. When you do, apply the shampoo on the scalp and roots, then make it run the rest of your hair while you rinse. Between washes, rinse your hair with water and use conditioner.

Apply a leave in conditioner – mixed with some gel, if you want, damp hair. This will help you manage your hair before it dries.

 When you dry with hair, use a diffuser and dry off on the lowest speed. According says stylist Luke O’Connor of Lukaro Salon in the article published in the article “Real Simple” Barbara Moss, entitled “Dry your hair like a pro,” a dryer at low power promotes natural curl without erasable. Slightly lifts your hair as you dry, but do not squeeze with your hands. When finished, place the dryer on air cool to set your curls.

Apply styling wax to minimize electrified strands. Put a little on the palms of your hands, rub your hands, and then runs your hair to distribute the wax all over your hair.

Would you like your hair is not on your face without sacrificing the loose curls? Take sections of hair on either side of your face and Secure with hairpins and combs your thick curls hide mode.

If you prefer a secluded, make a ponytail with the back of your hair, leaving loose top layer. Twist up the ponytail and hold it with bobby pins. Hold the top layer of hair above the ponytail to give a termination. To add a decoration, introduces a large pin or comb into your strands at the back or side of your head .

Spray your hair with a spray rich in enzymes to spice up your curls before a night out.