How to make your own facial cream to stimulate collagen

A collagen facial cream should help your skin to create more of its own collagen. Although you can buy pure liquid collagen (a protein produced by animals) and apply it on the skin, the application system may not be as effective as a collagen facial cream made ​​with ingredients proven natural quality. In the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (International Journal of Cosmetic Science) talking about how beneficial it is avocado skin. Some of this fruit sugars, including D-heptulosa hand, stimulate collagen of the epidermis. Furthermore, vitamin C produces more collagen in the skin when applied topically and is a kiwi fruit with higher content of vitamin C (also has vitamin E, which is also good for the skin).

make your own facial cream


Gather the ingredients to make your collagen facial cream.


Prepare collagen facial cream. Cut a piece of avocado (like a tablespoon) and remove hard skin it. Then, put that green and creamy avocado in the bowl portion. Cut the kiwi in half, remove the flesh of one half and place it in the container; discard the skins “hairy”. Puree both fruits. If you do not eat the remaining fruit, store in the refrigerator to make more cream later. The exposed areas of the avocado will turn brown if you do not dip in lemon juice. Either way, you can cut the parts from rusting and you’ll still have enough to make more product.
Apply the facial mask collagen. Do it on clean skin and leave on for half an hour. There are some reports that the skin absorbs everything we can of a substance in half an hour.

Remove the mask from your face. To eliminate most, use a damp cloth. Then throw yourself in the face warm water to remove the rest. Wipe gently patting with a towel.

Apply this face cream regularly. The treatments are cumulative topics; over time and using them regularly, will stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.