Facial Care yogurt masks

Whether they suffer from acne, or because you have dry skin, dull or fat yogurt mask is a good way to treat your face. Yogurt is effective in cleaning and disinfection of the pores, preventing acne, skin moisturizing and revitalizing texture.

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When choosing the ingredients in your mask facial, choose plain yogurt. The varieties of fruit have too much sugar and other ingredients that are not beneficial for the skin. If your skin tends to be particularly dry, the lipid content in full fat, yogurt or whole, can provide needed moisture. If your skin is oily, use yogurt. Choose organic yogurt (available in health food stores) if you prefer to avoid hormonal residues and pesticides in non-organic dairy products. Furthermore, organic yogurt contains more amount of live active cultures, which enhance the bio availability of nutrients yogurt.

While most people have heard the benefits of eating yogurt, may not have realized the many benefits it offers your skin. The antibacterial properties make it useful as yogurt cleaner germs, and lactic acid content relieves irritation, clean the pores and smooth. Finally, yogurt is known for its probiotics (live active cultures), which are useful in the natural treatment of skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. Dry with light touches, and apply 1 cup of plain yogurt with your fingers, covering all areas of your face and the top of your neck. Leave the mask on your face between 15 and 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water to remove. Repeat daily or weekly.

Optional Ingredients
Yogurt can be used only as a mask facial, or combined with other ingredients that give more benefits to your skin. If constantly struggles against dryness and flaky skin, add two tablespoons of grated carrots or a tablespoon of honey to yogurt. Mix it vigorously by hand or in a blender before applying. If your skin is oily or off, try adding two teaspoons of lemon juice to the mask of yogurt. The lemon removes dead skin cells, cleans pores and is known to illuminate over time. Experience your yogurt masks, being creative with other ingredients like banana soothing, cucumber, aloe and oats. The benefits will surprise you.

If you are allergic to yogurt, to dairy or alpha and beta hydroxy acids, avoid using this type of mask. After applying, you may notice tingling. However, if you experience burning or pain of any kind, remove the mask and talk to your doctor before reapplying. These symptoms could indicate allergy or sensitivity to ingredients or yogurt active live cultures. If skin feels taut after removing the mask , apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer to hydrate and protect cells from your face.