Exercises to work pecs at home

Not everyone has the possibility to go to a gym every day. That does not have to be an excuse to not be in shape and have the body you want. That is why we made this post to work the pectorals at home. The vast majority of exercises for pectorals designed to done in a gym. At least with machines specially designed for it, making some variations it is possible to do them at home and have the expected results. The advantages of doing the exercises at home are that you can take advantage of any time of the day to do them. What you do need is discipline. Because if you want to have a part of the body, like the pectorals, well defined, you need to exercise them about three times a week.


Exercising the pectorals implies, in almost all exercises, a bodily movement of almost the entire trunk and arms. What therefore helps you strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, biceps and triceps? Practically you will be exercising the entire upper body. What represents good news because you will have a muscular balance in the whole area? The training or the series of exercises that we will give you are self-loads.

Your body is your own weight. With many repetitions, you will be generating enough metabolic stress for the pectoral muscles to increase. The important thing as we mentioned before is that you take it seriously. You must complete a routine between 45 minutes and 1 hour with these exercises. The fact that you do them about 3 times a week will be enough. You must put a lot of emphasis on the volume (1). The number of repetitions should increase with the passage of the weeks for you to have an optimal development.

Series of home exercises for pectorals

Flexions: There is no better exercise with which to start working the pectorals than with the push-ups. For there to be a greater demand with the muscles, you must do the movement with great speed. You can increase your speed as you master the technique. Power flexes: To the normal push-ups you are going to add a touch of difficulty so that you demand much more muscle. It consists of when you make the movement to lift your hands off the ground and then hold again. Push-ups: It consists of doing the common push-ups or push-up doing the extra effort of lifting the body and giving a pat. To perform this exercise you need coordination and elevation enough to be able to clap your hands and then hold yourself once more.

Push-ups between chairs: Take two chairs in which you will support the arms to do the flexion and the other chair you will place behind to support the feet. It is almost the same as the simple bending, but the muscles of the body will have to strain more to balance the body and not fall. You must take two chairs that will not slip and cause an accident. Declined push-ups you will only need or you will leave the chair you used to support the feet. The hands you support on the floor so that your body is inclined. You will see that more strength will be necessary to be able to perform these push-ups. A variation that you can make of this exercise is that instead of resting your feet on the chairs, you do them with your hands and your feet remain firm on the floor. Diamond bends: For this flexion, you can support the knees on the floor and cross the feet. The hands should support on the floor.