Types of exercises for lower back pain

It is common to give a break to the lower back when you experience pain in that part of the body, but the extension of maternity leave can actually cause more harm than good. When starting a gradual and controlled routine exercises lower back, you will help facilitate the flow of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the discs, joints and back muscles, which will help to reduce the frequency of discomfort lower back.

lower back pain


The essence of all the routines of exercises to relieve low back pain is consistent stretch. You’ll have to keep in mind that you must not only stretch the muscles of the lower back, also the tendons, the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, as they are a key factor in the flow of a healthy back. For example, a tight performs muscle (extending from the back of the hip bone, the femur, the base of the spine and sacrum) puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing intense pain radiating from the back leg up in back. Also, remember to never swinging as you stretch.


Exercises to gain greater control

With exercises for more control or specific stabilization exercise, patients learn to isolate and activate specific muscles themselves, creating more control and stability in the trunk. This type of exercise is done with the help of a doctor; first through certain postural habits and then by more challenging movements in isolated muscles working by themselves.



McKenzie Exercises

The exercises focus on the McKenzie extension of the spine through exercise to help reduce the compression of the spine and relieve pressure and pain in the lower back.


Dynamic lumbar stabilization exercises

This type of exercise involves the participation of a physical therapist or doctor to help the patient find the neutral position of the spine, which is where you feel most comfortable without any pain. After the patient learns to use muscle to recreate that position more routinely through exercises and postural awareness articulate.


Low impact aerobics

Aerobic exercise helps control weight, which is a vital part of a healthy back, and facilitates the movement and flexibility of the back muscles. However, it is necessary to focus on the exercises low impact aerobics, such as walking or aquatic therapy.


Abdominal Care

A person with back pain lower will want to focus on your core as a whole entity, not only in the muscles of the back. When a person strengthens the abdominal muscles, they can be helpful in stabilizing the lower back, thereby reducing the pressure, stress and pain in this area.


Things to consider

Exercise should not be a painful experience. The body should never be used beyond their comfort zone. Ask a doctor before starting any routine exercises . Also remember to breathe during exercise and stay well hydrated.