Revealed your erotic dreams?

Your erotic dreams say a lot about you and your sexuality. They regulate your desires, release your fears and you relieve stress. Learn how to decode.According to a report by Insee, 70% of women admit to do erotic dreams, for 80% of the men. We are many to make this type of dream. They occur in adolescence. It is in effect at the time of puberty that appear in a dream the first loves. “Adolescents are many snakes dreams: symbols of the awakening of sexuality”, said Georges Romey, author of the dictionary of the symbolism of dreams.

I dream therefore I am fine!
You dream of a trip by train with your spouse (e). Alone in the compartment, the urge takes you to make love… At the crucial moment of embrace, the train derailed! Horror you were with the best friend (e) your partner! “Under their whimsical appearances, erotic dreams are synonymous with good health,” jokes George Romey. Whatever the person with whom you do love, erotic dream shows that you know allier logic, intuition, action and imagination. It can also be a kind of dress rehearsal: you prepare, so imaginary, to live a real episode of your love life.

erotic dreams

According to the theories of Freud, the dream also plays a compensatory role, it is the fulfillment of a desire and satisfied our unconscious impulses. As such, to release the tensions accumulated during the day, night there we relieves stress.

The desire or fear
Adult dreams by an average of 1 hour 30 to 2 hours per night. But where were the erotic dreams? They draw their content in the reservoir of experience. No cheating with dreams: they reveal all your repressed desires. For example, you feel lighthearted after a weekend seminar in Limoges. Clearly, the a (e) of the speaker (e) s made you the effect…You have chances of dreaming of a sexual relationship with this person or a symbol that represents.

If the desire motivates some musings, conversely the fear in raises others. One of the functions of the erotic dream is sometimes identify our blocking… for better release. In the dreamlike imagination of Lise, for example, males develop threatening attitudes. This type of dream expresses a fear of the assault, sometimes in connection with conduct angry or violent father. If the dream repeats, therapy can be effective.

Decrypt the symbols
To make you understand his message, the dream often used imagery language. Some symbols and highlight how you live your couple and you suggest solutions for problems. Your antics are often held around a fire? This suggests that your love is dynamic and well maintained.