Erection problems: attention to stress!

We know the sex anti-stress virtues, but much less influence of stress on sexual life. Professional problems, lack of money… sources of concern abound. Stress can result in a more or less sustainable way of erectile dysfunction. Not to fall into a spiral of failure, solutions do exist!

Decline of desire, the frequency of reporting or stress, erectile dysfunction can actually undermine your sex life. In France, a man in five suffers from occasional or frequent erectile dysfunction. In the majority of these cases, these problems are (psychological cause) psychogenic, or mixed (partly psychogenic). But who are these victims of stress which, too often, suffer in silence?

attention to stress

29% of stressed men victims of erectile dysfunction
Louis Harris conducted in May 2001 an investigation allows us to relativize the stereotypical image of the young champion indisputable framework of stress. The composite sketch of the stressed of nature appears more nuanced.

More than two in five men are suffering from stress. The profile type of candidate to stress is a 35 to 49 years old man, father, who in his important responsibilities and the need for a sustained intellectual activity;
The main causes of stress identified by these men, include in order of importance: problems in work, health and money worries. Conversely, old age, as well as the absence of child in the home seem to be the best guarantees for inactivity become zen master.

Regarding the bad influence of stress, men admit an alteration of their morale, their physical condition and their sleep. But these insomnia are unavailable to profit for some moments rogues, their sexuality is also victim of these tensions.

Almost four men stressed on 10 admit that stress has a negative influence on their sexuality.
In 86% of cases, it may be a decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse, or a decreased desire;
In 29% of cases, stress can be the source of real erectile dysfunction;

These disorders are independent of age but vary significantly from one individual to another depending on how to manage stress. The degree of psychological fragility goes hand in hand with the importance of disorders;
Conversely, the virtues of cuddling up under the duvet are almost unanimously. Nearly 9 out of ten men feel that having a regular and enjoyable sexual relationship can be less stressed.

Get out of the spiral of failure
But if sex can have an anti-stress effect, the fear of failure can be source of sharp anxiety. Thus, it is clear most which is the egg and which is the egg… the stress causing erectile dysfunction, themselves source of serious concerns.