Essential oils during pregnancy: Attention danger!

When you are pregnant, the use of medications is contraindicated, as well as the use of essential oils during the first months. Find out more about the benefits and limits of aromatherapy during this period, discover the advice of Danièle Festy, pharmacist.

Even if it is natural and extremely effective against some inconvenience, thearomatherapy(or essential oils therapy) can be dangerous during certain periods of life, and especially during pregnancy. Our advice to use wisely the natural essences.

Essential oils during pregnancy

Two precautions are better than one!

“Even if the risk is purely theoretical and that this is an excess of caution, the majority of essential oils are strictly prohibited during the first three months of pregnancy” explains Danièle Festy, author of many books on the subject. The reason is simple: as they may pass through the placenta, they pose a risk to the fetus in training and may even be at the origin of spontaneous abortions.
Same caution if you decided to give baby the breast, as essential oils through breast milk. Nevertheless, some are allowed from the 4th month, even throughout the pregnancy. “It is essential oils which do no toxic molecule may cause less damage to the mother as the child” explains our specialist. Feel free to use them with the approval of your doctor.

Effective to relieve nausea, combat insomnia, prevent baby-blues and even to facilitatedelivery, they will you be very helpful, as most of the drugs are prohibited in future moms. The 7 golden rules of aromatherapy.
Before you see what are the usable oils, here are 7 tips to follow to get the best:
• Before any use, ask for advice to a doctor or a pharmacist, specialist of essential oils.
• Never use oil synthetic, available on the markets, in the souvenir shops and some cosmetics stores. They have no therapeutic action and can prove to be dangerous.Only use essential oils 100% natural, available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.
• Strictly follow the mode of use, and the recommended dosage. If the essential oil in question must be placed under the tongue, do not apply it on the skin. In addition, a drop is a drop and not two, and three times a day, is not five times. You do not guérirez faster. On the contrary: you will put your health and that of your child in danger.
• Never replace one essential oil by another. If the Mint of the fields is allowed throughout the pregnancy, peppermint, it, is strictly prohibited. It is therefore not question buying Mint, but such essential oil States Mint to relieve this problem.
• Do not play to the apprentice witch you launching yourself in your own mixtures.Even for a single use, the consequences can be very serious.
• Use essential oils only over a short period, either in a timely manner (only making), or for 5-10 days.
• Never use essential oils on the lap belt.
By following these tips and by checking in the lists below that the oils that you use are well allowed during pregnancy, you should send you relieve a small headache before the arrival of baby!