Dry skin, the right moves

Dry skin, unlike a normal skin has lost its flexibility and softness. It can also become dull and rough and be tight and will tend to blush. To fight against these inconveniences, daily hydration is essential.

It is important to differentiate dry skin of dehydrated skin. The first lack of lipids when the second lack of water. There are two distinct issues even if a dry skin lacking mostly water, because the lipid barrier is thinner, it does not retain water.

Dry skin

Moreover, there are two types of dry skin:

Dry skin disease called (they include atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis). They require medical monitoring;
Dry skin comfort. The visit to the dermatologist is not a necessity;
Simple steps to be taken daily to help reduce the disadvantages of the latter type of dry skin.

Dry skin: The right moves

Regarding dry skin thin and irritable, better clean it with a moisturizer rather than a cleansing water: the hydration process begins cleaning / cleansing . And applying an ultra protective day cream containing ceramides, vitamins and fats. These moisturizers will rebuild the skin barrier, water retention and attract that contained in the creams. You can also ask a few drops of essential oils on your face before treatment, this will further strengthen its moisturizing effects.

If your skin is rather thick and rough, do not hesitate to make scrubs with a very gentle product twice a week and end with a face moisturizer. Never go to bed without being cleansed, and apply a night cream very nourishing. Drink at least a half liters of water per day to compensate for lost natural water and immerse yourself in a warm bath, at least ten minutes for the skin to take the time to be moistened.

Dry skin: Don’ts

When you have dry skin, you should avoid all the water, soap, bubble baths and other astringents. In winter, we adopt a cold cream and it is not exposed to the sun without protection (but that goes for all skin types, security question). The ideal is to bring a day cream containing a sunscreen throughout the year. Finally, avoid any alcohol-based care, not to attack advantage damaged skin.

If these simple gestures of daily life, your dry skin sticks to your skin, it might be best to consult a dermatologist to determine the cause of your dry skin.