Effects of drug abuse on the fetus

The first stage of pregnancy is essential for fetal development. Drug abuse by a pregnant woman can have devastating effects on the health of the unborn child. Other complications may arise as the pregnancy progresses, if the abuse continues. As food enters the placenta , drugs and other toxins also enter, putting the fetus at risk.

Drug abuse is not limited to hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. Alcohol and nicotine can also cause serious complications in fetal development and even death. Prescription drugs should also be avoided and the counter that have not been approved for use during pregnancy.

Effects of drug abuse

Research shows that different types of drugs affect the fetus in several ways. Although marijuana can affect the growth rate and the nervous system of the developing fetus, the methamphetamine are at much greater risk because they affect the development of vital organs such as the brain and spinal cord. These drugs also have a negative impact on the formation of the skeleton and limbs. Heroin affects the development of the lungs and brain, and decreases the rate of growth. Cocaine can compromise fetal development, which can cause prenatal stroke and result in fetal death.
The abuse of legal drugs is also a threat to the fetus. In fact, alcohol abuse during pregnancy can result in catastrophic problems in the development of the fetal brain and physical growth. The effects of alcohol on the fetus can result in the development of an abnormal facial structure or in a bad relationship in size between the head and the body. It is also important to mention that alcohol consumption during pregnancy has been linked to mental retardation and other developmental delays.

Smoking during pregnancy is a serious risk to the fetus. Research has proved that nicotine snuff and cigarettes can affect fetal growth and birth weight; and can even cause death of the fetus.

No amount is safe to consume alcohol during pregnancy. The belief that a glass of wine from time to time does not affect the fetus has no foundation . So far, there is no documentary evidence that the harm to the fetus varies according to the amount of alcohol consumed by the mother during pregnancy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that embazadas avoid alcohol.

The facts
Substance abuse during pregnancy also involves the risk of infectious diseases. Pregnant women who inject drugs are at risk of contracting HIV / AIDS, which can be spread to the fetus.