Diet for the prevention of sports injuries

Did you know that injury prevention could also be done through eating? Sport consumes a lot of energy and resources necessary for your body so it is very important to know the nutritional keys so that your body does not suffer more than it should. Your diet must provide the necessary nutrients to cope with your level of physical activity and that favors the prevention of sports injuries.

sports injuries

It must meet the requirements of proteins fats carbohydrates vitamins minerals and trace elements. It is also important for injury prevention, to minimize the accumulation of free radicals associated with intense physical exercise as it causes stress for your body (oxidative stress) and accelerates the premature aging of your cells, joints and muscles.

If we are talking about injury prevention, we cannot avoid talking about the odious stingers who has not had them once after playing sports. You can even suffer them even if you are accustomed to physical activity and can appear in places where you did not know or that there were muscles. There are several theories about how they are produced:

At present, it has been proven that lactic acid levels are the same before and after exercise, since most of the lactate that is produced during physical activity is oxidized and the rest serves to re-synthesize glucose. There are authors who relate the muscular damage with the increase of the temperature of the muscular cells causing their death.

Other lines investigate the accumulation of calcium in (muscle fibers) because insufficient cellular respiration occurs, leading to the destruction of muscle proteins due to proteases.  One of the theories with more weight is the micro – fractures of the muscle fibers that cause inflammation in the connective tissue causing new fibers.

Muscle biopsies have been performed and molecules of phosphocreatine and troponin I have been found, this may explain why the muscle mass is broken and the contents are released to the outside. One of the best ways to minimize stiffness is by warming up, working flexibility, and exercising with progressive intensity. Stitches should not be confused with a sports injury, although both influence performance.

Predisposes the intestinal emptying and stimulates the vesicle. The western diet is very acidic and causes tiredness, pallor, headache, emotional ups and downs, muscular contractions, cavities, hair loss, brittle nails with the citric acid of the diluted lemon, a citrate buffer is generated that alkalizes the body.

The intense exercise cause fatigue by the accumulation of lactic acid. But in long-term sub maximal exercises, fatigue occurs when the energy pathways of energy (hepatic and muscle glycogen) are exhausted. It is very important to contribute with the diet foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids olive oil, nuts, Avocado so that when the glycogen depletes your body continues to have fuel to throw away.