Diabetes: live like everyone

Diabetes affects more than 2 million people in France. A more widespread illness, a disease including complications may be irreversible. To limit the risk of blindness, kidney disease, amputation, heart problems, one solution: assiduous monitoring of treatment. To achieve certain insulin-dependent persons have made the choice of pump insulin. Zoom on this unknown device which allows to forget her illness on a daily basis.

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by an absence or a too low production of insulin by the pancreas. This lack of insulin, hormone essential to the use of sugar by cells in the body, causes an increase in blood glucose. To compensate for this imbalance, there are different treatments: of oral medications for low insulin production, insulin injections or insulin in the absence of production of insulin the pump. This latter device, used in France, has many advantages. For patients, the insulin pump to regain a normal life. Testimony.

Daily diabetic menu

The end of injections
To limit the risk of complications, should scrupulously control his diabetes and assiduously follow his treatment; that means for many patients of multiple injections. “I was living very poorly, I did not accept my illness, explains Mario, diabetic for 23 years.” I myself as a nuisance: in the word diabetes there is the word devil. I felt excluded and dissimulais the existence of my illness. I hid for my injections and yet this is not easy on his place of work! “When people see you get out your”small equipment”injection, they often cringe”.

Ahmed, diabetique diabetic him also for 9 years, insulin injections were a real constraint. “I had to make 2 bites, then I had to pass at 3 and 4, with all the constraints linked to a random processing.” I was hypoglycemia and the baseline very frequently. “I did in could of this disease which forced to adjust his life without gap”.

These two men, the image of patients who have one day decided to opt for an insulin pump, life has changed. They have forgotten the 100 to 150 bites of insulin they were months and only now have to change every 3 days of their insulin pump catheter. This device that best mimics the functioning of the pancreas can deliver insulin continuously with very little variation and program the insulin dose to issue to each meal. In addition, the pump allows to adapt the amount of insulin in its activities.

Practical, the pump offers a great freedom from traditional treatment by bites. Duty to face the unexpected is more anxiety, life is simplified.