When diabetes attack your libido!

Diabetes is a disease that may progress silently. Among its complications, erectile disorders may appear. Attention, these issues may be signs of alert. To prevent these risks and find a fulfilling sex life, talk to your doctor!

Diabetes now affects nearly 3 million people in France and 189 million worldwide. Complications, erectile dysfunction are often ignored while they actually alter the quality of life.

diabetes attack

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction: the diabolical duo
Often ignored, diabetes is the first diagnosed case of erectile dysfunction. Not less than a diabetic in three would be affected between 20 and 60 years this problem, which many do not dare talk about. The concerns are more frequent that diabetic disease is old and installed, and especially poorly controlled:

78% of people with diabetes for more than 10 years suffer from; 77% of patients with poorly controlled are subject to erectile against 64% for those with the disease is under control.

When the complications of diabetes (eye disorders, renal disorders, necrosis of the foot…) are already present, about 85% of patients also have erectile disorders. A consequence that impairs the quality of life.

Even for those without diabetes, these disorders can be an important factor to alert the doctor. They can reveal the first stages of vascular disease. More reason to talk about more quickly!

Preserve his erectile function
To prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, more prevention tips are important. A good control of his diabetes is the first step to be implemented. Control of blood glucose, antidiabetic treatment and modification of the hygiene of life (nutrition and physical activity primarily) are the pillars of good management of the disease. These tips will have a favourable impact on erection problems than all of the other complications of diabetes, sometimes serious: cardiovascular disease, eye problems, nervous, renal, amputation.

But other factors are taken into account. The first of them, tobacco is a real scourge in this regard. It significantly increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Less smoking and better yet, quit smoking is one of the main preventive measures.

Finally, the doctors find that often, the failure occurs after long months of “sexual silence” during which the erectile function is deteriorating little by little. And this is only the psychological aspect and management of the problem come into play. Early talking to his doctor is the right solution. An early approach can indeed not be locked in a vicious circle of failure: the fear of failure as the reason of the erection disorder… These intimate problems, the partner is also to be considered. Support erectile problems must often concern the couple as a whole. Diabetes, erectile, and quality of life.

Finally, erectile problems are a real nuisance to the quality of life and their management should be an integral part of the treatment of the diabetic patient. Therefore, dare to talk to his doctor that will certainly lend a sympathetic ear. Effective solutions exist!

Beyond 40 years, about a man in three suffers from these disorders where only one out of ten are actually supported. And in the case of simple disorders, it is unnecessary to appeal to a sexologist. The practitioner or the core are perfectly capable of addressing these issues.