Diabetes and daily and social life

A diabetic can live “normally” or even “serenely”? Can exercise all the trades, practice a sport, pass his driver’s licence?

Yes, as long as property control his blood sugar, to manage his hypoglycaemia, to refrain from smoking, to immediately treat infections, avoid alcohol, follow his diet, sport, to take care of her feet and her teeth, to monitor his eyes and his kidney to check urine, blood and blood pressure by his doctorto learn about the new developments regarding diabetes… It seems many, but these are the principles of common sense and caution that allow the diabetic to be autonomous and responsible for, possible as normal life, and predict the future calmly.

Diabetes and daily

To maintain this Cape, the tips and tricks provided by associations are a valuable assistance: recipes for eating well despite a restrictive sugar regime, decryption of a food label, recommended sports, adaptation of the treatment for influenza, meal excessive, exercise, hypoglycemia, travel or vacation, rights of people with diabetes in the world of work, insurance, school…

Maintain a professional activity

Well Fortunately, the disease does not have a professional activity. The chosen job simply must be compatible with the State of health of the diabetic. The doctor of Labour pronounced on the ability of the diabetic to a given position and he is required to medical secrecy. It is not always a good idea to tell his future employer that is diabetic. To prevent potential harm because of their State of health, diabetics must know their rights. They can apply to associations. AFD (French Association of the diabetic) has for example developed a legal service which advises members with diabetes and defends their interests before the courts.

Physical activity is part of the treatment of the disease. It increases the use of sugar by muscle, help the body respond better to insulin action, and decreases the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, paralysis or gangrene of the foot. The sport is also a factor of social integration (especially for youth) and contributes to psychological well-being. Some diabetics are to be of high level athletes or unrepentant globe-trotters and it is humbling to read their testimony.


A diabetic who wants to pass his driver’s licence must declare his illness and go through a medical commission which determines the duration of validity of the permit (from 6 months to 5 years) based on his eye and cardiovascular condition. The heavy weight, transport in common, taxi and school pick-up cannot be obtained by insulin-dependent diabetics.

In conclusion
Diabetes is a chronic disorder that can self-control. Any diabetic must understand the nature of his illness in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle and whether reduce daily stress it engenders.