How to write an essay on dental health

Dental health covers issues such as the prevention of dental problems, understanding of dental conditions and exploring different treatments available for dental ailments. A trial of dental health can cover different topic areas depending on the particular angle you choose to study. But overall, this should cover some of the basic things you can do to make sure your teeth are healthy.



Mention oral hygiene. You should talk about the benefits of maintaining clean teeth, describing in detail the steps, procedures and measures used to do this. Mention the effects of using different toothpastes, dental floss, toothbrushes and other products and dental equipment. Talk about why it is important to maintain a healthy mouth and how often you should consult a dentist. Tell what experiences should expect the patient in a dental clinic.

dental health

Describe in detail the role of diet in the development of teeth. He mentions that the food is important for the development of a child’s teeth, even while in the womb, and explains the importance of diet during pregnancy. Makes clear that nutrient deficiency during pregnancy can lead to tooth decay in children later in life, while excess nutrients from a pregnant mother can cause abnormalities in your child’s mouth. This section of the essay can mention the effect of nutrition on teeth of a child from infancy, in youth, and throughout his life.

Includes common diseases affecting the teeth. Tell what causes them, how to treat them and how to prevent them. Indicates that common diseases are halitosis causes bad breath due to rotten food left in the mouth, plaque and cavities. Explain that the plate is a transparent layer in the mouth caused by bacteria, and excess plaque causes tooth decay causing cavities. Also mentions less common dental diseases such as canker sores, bruxism (a condition in which the patient grinds his teeth during sleep), and stained teeth.

Explain that gum disease can lead to tooth loss if not treated. The terms of the gums, which is sometimes called periodontal disease. Explain that these begin as infections, but if not treated in time, can cause gums to swell. He mentioned that some of these conditions are gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis causes the gums to become red, swollen and blood, and later becomes periodontitis if left untreated. He mentions that periodontitis is often a sign of other conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes.