How to cover dark circles with makeup

Almost everyone had to deal with dark circles. Whether it were caused by a long night of fun, by hormonal changes or by prolonged sun exposure, dark circles appear at the most inopportune moments. Many people offer “miracle cures” to help cover them, but the fact is that you can hide quite well with the common makeup. The key is a good application effect and a near-eye dark circles are having on your skin.
dark circles


Look closely at the color of your dark circles. They can be blue, purple, brown, or a combination of these three colors. Diagnose your color will help you choose the right concealer and allow you to cover them more easily.

Apply foundation on dark circles using a makeup sponge or applicator. You probably want to put a little more basic than you would apply normally, but of course that is just a little. The base, which evens out your skin tone, helps dark circles begin to resemble the rest of your skin and shows you the areas that need more correction.
Choose a concealer that specifically counteracts the color of your dark circles. If they look purple, choose a yellow-toned concealer, but if you are blue, look for one orange tone. If you have brown, blue or mauve choose a concealer, and if they are red, olive tone should be. You’ll want one color offset the color of dark circles and restore the balance of your skin.

Apply the concealer with the other end of your applicator to cover dark circles, paying particular attention to those areas that are more noticeable. Ideal way to apply concealer is placing dots under your eyes and then tapping for diffusing. The corrector may seem a bit shrill on the package, but when I applique your dark circles look very normal and hide their appearance.

Apply powder to fix dark circles concealer, translucent powder using a fine color of your skin. This will make the work you made to stay in place without resorting to tweaks throughout the day.

Apply your concealer on dark circles regularly to complete consistency with the rest of your face.