Herbs that cure diabetes

There are many diseases and conditions that are debilitating and difficult to control. diabetes is a chronic disease requiring constant attention of insulin and the foods you eat. Among the many drugs and other alternative medicine, several herbs have been known to heal and help control diabetes and also have no side effects. Note that there is no known medical cure for diabetes type 1 and insulin should never be stopped without the advice of a doctor.

cure diabetes

Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
Hypoglycemia occurs when the body’s blood glucose levels fall below normal and there is too much insulin in the body. Hyperglycemia, on the other hand, is when blood sugar levels are above normal and natural insulin can not be properly used. That would require an injection of insulin for the body to process excess glucose. Your body needs glucose for energy. People with diabetes have an internal problem with your pancreas does not emit any signals the body to release more glucose. With that, several herbs that contain hypoglycemic agents may be used to treat diabetes .


Gymnema Silvestre
Also known as gurmar, Gymnema sylvestre grows in the tropical forests of India and is the most common remedy to maintain and control insulin levels in the body herbal. The gymnemic acid is responsible for balance and reduce the levels of sugar in the blood component. It is the most common and the most recommended, as it reduces the levels of a person if you have diabetes type 1 or 2. For the highest dose of gymnema extract emphasizing their potential for healing, you should take vegetarian capsules made ​​from the purest form.

Bitter melon and fenugreek
Mormodica charantia or bitter melon grows in tropical climates such as the Caribbean and East Africa. The grass making the green fruit plant balsam pear and becomes pure extract. Because it is full of iron and vitamins A and C, the levels of blood sugar are easily reduced, which balances the insulin your body and prevents serious complications occur due to diabetes . Trigonella foenum greacum, also known as fenugreek, contains large amounts of fiber and alkaloids which help in hypoglycemic activity. Seeds not only increase the amount of insulin in the red blood cells, but also improve glucose utilization. With this, the pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin in a quantity sufficient for the type 2 diabetes slowly becomes a blip.