First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease

First dated, this three-year plan is an unparalleled scale. With a budget of 30 million to€ uros, the Ministry of health proposes to reduce 20% of cardiovascular diseases over the next ten years.

Although his following a skiing accident, the Minister of health Bernard Kouchner has plans of public health at the speed of a sprinter. This time, the France is developing the first national program of cardiovascular risk reduction. And the Minister the announcement clearly: “if we should remember that a public health plan, this would be it!”.

First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease

Public health priority
Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in France with almost 180 000 deaths per year. No fewer than 120,000 people are treated each year for myocardial infarction and 130 000 for a stroke. And 20 million people are affected by these diseases prevention approaches. The origin of this carnage, the risk factors are identified: tobacco, physical inactivity and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, too high levels of lipids in the blood. The new national program proposes to consider prevention as a whole.

This three-year plan 2002-2005 no shortage of ambition: “It comes to reduce cardiovascular disease by 20% in the next 10 years” said Dr. Joël Ménard, Coordinator of the plan. Associate the prevention, therapeutic education, such as the Organization of care, the promotion of good practices and the epidemiological surveillance, are the hallmarks of this plan of 30 million to€ uros.

Six objectives for three years
Announced early in February, the program focuses on six objectives:

Facing the lack of epidemiological data of reference in France, the Institut de Veille Sanitaire and the Agence française de sécurité sanitaire of food (Afssa), in partnership with the national Institute of health and medical research (INSERM), is responsible for implementing a monitoring program. PROMOTE CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION ACTING SPECIFICALLY ON EACH OF THE FACTORS OF RISK;

The objectives are multiple: 15% decline in sales in 10 years, promoting a good nutritional balance to intervene upstream from obesity, reducing the excessive consumption of salt, etc.


More than two million to€ uros for hospitals that wish to develop a collective therapeutic education consultation or day hospitalization. City physicians also participate in this education effort of the patient through the networks that will receive 1.5 million to€ uros. In addition, the Government insisted on the quality of blood pressure monitoring. More than 350,000 auto-tensiometres are sold each year. But 50% of the marketed devices do not match the quality criteria defined by the experts. Control tests will be carried out by Agence française de sécurité sanitaire produits de santé (AFSSAPS) which will establish a list of approved products.