Natural products for frizzy or coarse hair

The frizzy or coarse hair is beautiful to look at, but can be unwieldy. Can easily be wrapped on itself, causing entanglements, damage and dullness. Frizzy hair is nourished by the frequent moisturizing, strengthening and gentle handling techniques. Three natural products ideal to make frizzy or coarse hair look better are shea butter, aloe vera gel and henna.

 coarse hair

Shea butter

Shea butter, made ​​from the seeds of shea Africa, is a thick cream rich in vitamin A. According to the American Institute of shea butter, shea butter provides benefits for all skin and hair types. According to the website Curly Hair , hair frizzy or thick tends to be dry and can seem dull. Shea butter penetrates the hair and provides deep moisture, which is vital for bright, healthy curls. Shea butter can be applied to the bulk or damaged after applying a leave in conditioner on your hair.

Aloe vera

Controlling frizzy hair or thick enough to achieve the desired style can be difficult. Gels and aerosols can cause hair curly hair to dry more and even more rebellious in the long run. The aloe vera gel is a good natural alternative for controlling style. The gel of aloe vera provide a soft hold, increase curl definition and condition brittle, coarse hair all day. Even fine-textured hair can benefit from aloe vera gel as it is light and does not burden the curls.


According to the website The Henna Page, Henna is a vegetable dye that is often used to color the hair. Henna gives reddish-orange translucent hair fibers. The dark curly or coarse hair tone may benefit from treatments regular henna because deep condition hair and temporarily extends the curls. The subtle detachment help detangle curls and avoid unnecessary hair breakage. The treatment of henna can be performed in beauty salons or in the comfort of your own home. Henna powder is readily available at low cost in health food stores or ethnic food stores. To perform a simple henna treatment at home, mix the henna with water to form a thick paste. Allow the paste to sit in a warm place for several hours to allow the release of the dye, and then apply it on your hair. After a plastic cap or a plastic film on the hair for at least an hour is used. Rinse hair henna much as possible, and then apply a conditioner or shea butter. If your hair is light in color, consider adding a spoonful of henna to a bottle of 15 oz (443 ml) of conditioner and use the conditioner as normal. Thick hair or curly still enjoy the benefits of treatment with henna conditioner without allowing dye uptake and hair discoloration.