Circuit training for your brain

You can walk to strengthen bones to improve heart swimming and yoga to become more flexible. However, a growing body of research indicates that these activities popular exercises do more than that they stimulate both the brain and the body. Most of us have experienced the great benefits of exercise as when we think better after a brisk walk after lunch. The benefits of exercise are truly multidimensional.

Circuit training for your brain

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Studies show that the different kinds of physical training activated parts of the brain, which improves a variety of cognitive functions. Therefore, if you want to optimize the health of your brain, you need to diversify your routine. This is what you have to do when it comes to maintaining sharp memory both aerobic exercises like endurance worthwhile. The effects on a six-month trial, with a group of participants who did brisk walking while another group lifted weights for an hour twice a week.

Both groups improved their spatial memory remembering things in space, like remembering where you put the bottle of ketchup in the fridge. Those who did hikes also saw improvements in episodic memory, which is the ability to remember an event or episode of your life. In addition, people who lifted weights saw greater improvements in their associative memory: remember two things are interrelated, as remember the name of a person when you meet her on the street. A group doing stretching saw no improvement in memory. If you would like to know brief information about healthy lifestyle, you could choose meal replacement.

It is not clear to what extent these forms of exercise improve memory, but Liu-Ambrose says “neuroimaging studies showed that the brain areas that support these functions are activated more with exercise. Aerobic exercise also resulted in increases in volume in the hippocampus, the brain region involved in memory formation.

Improves focus and concentration

When researchers at the University of Illinois looked at people who made a 20-minute session of yoga over other who walked or jogged on a treadmill belt the yoga group was faster and more accurate on tests of recall information and mental flexibility the ability to move from one thought or action to another before the intervention. The focus attention and concentration of the participants seemed to improve says study author assistant studies kinesiology health and sports professor Wayne University in Detroit.

With yoga, are concentrated at the time often guided by the instructor to make you concentrate on a particular movement, breathing. The meditation exercises aim to help you focus and be aware of the moment in trying to keep out distracting thoughts you. Mental exercises of yoga seem to affect the thinking of people outside the practice of yoga.