Choose the right health insurance

Not having to wait to go to the doctor, you will not have waiting lists. Not having to go through the GP to access a specialist. The ability to choose which doctor and which hospital to receive health care within your insurance concerted. In the case of hospitalization, have a single room with the possibility of overnight companion. Faster treatments applied against high-risk diagnoses. If your health insurance allows the possibility of inter-consultations to get a second opinion. Some offer the ability to receive medical care in specialized centers abroad. If in doubt insurers offer a telephone service customer information.

life insurance

At present, private health care is accessible for most policyholders. You just have to choose according to our economic availability and our health care needs. You can choose to secure increased funding costs or to have a full or partial coverage of medical expenses. You can also choose a policy just for family members such as children. Wonder how many times should go to the doctor and how much the monthly costs performed. Ask yourself: Do I want to purchase health insurance? Will insurance cover my needs? What are the benefits of private medical insurance? This way you will know if you are interested.

Go or call various insurers and see all doubts. Find out about the professionals, hospitals and contracted services, where to go for health care consultations, if you are near where you live, if you have drug coverage, if you become pregnant includes the costs of childbirth and postpartum. What are the periods of deprivation for each of the different services? Ask family or friends who have private health insurance how your benefit, that have had problems and if they are happy with the service.

What insurance company chooses?

The insurance company has experience in health care, can offer a wide choice of professionals and hospitals and provides subsidized coverage abroad? The insurance company is part of the majority and best known global healthcare market?, If so, will guarantee the performance of the services.

Evaluate the service provided for authorization procedures and address the concerns of policyholders. Do you have an information line for authorizations of medical tests that require it and do you have service through Internet, with information about health, medical advice, online medical journals and other services? In the dental field, most insurers only offer free consultations, may take over 50% of the cost of the most common treatments and excluding orthodontics, dentures, implants, etc.. Some of them do not have dental coverage. What types of dental services including the policy that is to hire?