Childbirth at home

Home birth is associated, in France as in most Western countries, with the images of the past, at the time where our grandmothers, not by choice but by necessity gave birth to their children in their bedroom. In some countries however, many deliveries take place yet at home. Return on this practice to the strains of nostalgia.

Proponents of the home birth, arguing the overmedicalization surrounding the birth, tirelessly cite the only and same country doing figure exception in Europe: the Netherlands.

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The Dutch example
If 30% of the Dutch give birth at home, it is important to remember that prevention policy is much greater than in France. And it is only if the pregnancy is safe, proposed a homebirth in a more familiar setting.

For women giving birth at the hospital, a two-tiered system are:
Firstly, deliveries in hospital under the supervision of a midwife in a light technical environment for women who pose no risk (the frame is then the same as for a home birth);
Other hand, deliveries at the hospital carried out by an obstetrician/gynaecologist in a technical framework with all structures of care and access to a reduction of pain.

Do not neglect the risk of complication
The main reason for this choice is motivated by the fear of the hyper medicalization around birth in a hospital, or even a certain “nostalgia” for a birth without white blouse.
However, despite more reassuring family environment, the woman cannot, at home, benefit from the techniques for reduction or elimination of pain during childbirth (epidural, etc.). In the event of complications, his transport to the hospital will be in a situation of extreme urgency. In addition, the monitoring is virtually non-existent at home.

Finally, comparative studies touting the comparative merits of childbirth at home are often distorted by the mere fact that this choice is reserved only for patients whose pregnancy poses no risk. For others, childbirth in a hospital is required.

Also, even in the Netherlands, the number of home birth is declining, the comfort and safety of the hospital decide now more skeptical.