The child asthma

Asthma is extremely common in children, especially in infants. Early diagnosis allows to avoid a worsening of the disease and persistence of symptoms. Weapons: an appropriate treatment and a few adjustments enabling him to live a normal life.

In a decade, the incidence of asthma has doubled in most industrialized countries. Children are the first victims of this upsurge, since it is accepted that in half of the cases, the disease starts before the age of five years. This is the most common chronic diseases of childhood asthma.

 The child asthm

One in ten children is concerned
Asthme enfantIn addition, it is likely that a large number of mild forms remain unknown. A study in Parisian schools in 1994, indicated that 6.1% of students in grades 3 had a known asthma and that 10.9% regularly had respiratory symptoms for at least one year, although the diagnosis of asthma has ever made. In addition, the measurement of peak expiratory flow rate (reflecting characteristic of asthma, bronchial obstruction) revealed abnormally low results for 13.4% of children.

A survey conducted in 1998 by the French Federation of insurance companies showed that 12.9% had been or were asthmatic and 9.8 per cent of the children had current asthma.
You can retain all of the data about one child in ten has an asthma, the boys are two times more often affected than girls. In 1997, 1992 asthma deaths have been recorded in France: 13 in children less than 15 years and 39 in the 15 to 24 age group.

Think about asthma!When mentioning the presence of asthma in your child? Need to think about:
-If there sometimes wheezing;
-If he feels any respiratory discomfort after exercise;
-If he has bouts of dry cough, especially nocturnal;
-If these colds, once healed, tend to extend long coughing episodes;
And a fortiori if it has already been a typical crisis. From 3-4 years, it is possible to confirm the diagnosis by respiratory functional tests for airway hyperresponsiveness. Allergic balance will locate an allergic plot, almost always present in asthmatic children.