The anti-cancer chemotherapy for many patients cause significant side effects and disabling weakness, fatigue, depression … A Swedish team has discovered that the intense physical activity can reduce symptoms.

1.A physical activity program for intensive chemotherapy
2.Less fatigue when doing exercise during chemotherapy
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A physical activity program for intensive chemotherapy


Sport is very important to reduce the risk of developing cancer, including breast cancer. But physical activity can help us once the cancer is there, and that the side effects of very heavy treatments, particularly chemotherapy, are raging? Previous studies were rather discouraging. A Swedish study, however, wanted to test the effects of a comprehensive exercise program that included relaxation and other soft methods (Pilates, stretching) but also more intensive physical activity (cardio and weight training), all performed group. The study lasted six weeks and people were recruited on a voluntary basis, they suffered from a variety of cancer at various stages too. Their only common denominator was to be under chemotherapy. The activity program was set for everyone, but the most intense exercises could be set aside for some days when their health would not permit them to practice.

Less fatigue when doing exercise during chemotherapy

Logically, the strength and fitness of patients submitted to the program of physical activity were increased intensively. But the most important result was the decrease in fatigue in the group of persons subject to intense sport. One would think that people undergoing chemotherapy, already exhausted by their treatment, suffer from an exercise program that included all the same 90 minutes of intensive exercise, three times a week … and yet in the end the sportier were less tired. They also reported more vitality, less pain and better physical and mental functioning. The researchers concluded that patients receiving chemotherapy should be encouraged to maintain and even increase their sport, including an intense practice, according to their physical course.