How to change hair color from red to brown

It is not difficult to renew your hair. Dye your hair from red to brown is a fairly easy change to make and subtle appearance that does not require professional salon visit. Only using a dye can do magic box and change your color of your hair. Plus you save a lot of money. You must ensure allergy testing specified in the instructions for use of the box before dye to prevent an unwanted reaction.

change hair color


Make sure your hair is dry, unwashed and applied styling products. Put on an old shirt you do not mind if a little dye stain. Comb your hair to remove all tangles and separates hair well at least in 3 sections . Hold each section with a hair clip.

Open the box of hair dye gloves and stand supplied. Are usually two containers are to be mixed and a small tube to apply conditioner after staining. Mixture according to the instructions for use of the dye.

Removes a hair clasp, releasing a section. Use a comb to help you distribute the dye evenly throughout the hair from root to tip. It permeates the entire section, making sure the hair is well saturated with the mixture. Once you’re done with that section, hold the hair back on your head. Repeat until all the sections are stained.

Place a plastic bag over the hair (not the head) and secure it with another hair brooch. The heat from the plastic bag that the chemicals will react better on your hair, which will get better and more satisfactory. Wait however long as the instructions, which is usually 20 to 30 minutes.

Remove the plastic bag and every hair brooches. Rinse all the dye in the shower. Do not use shampoo unless otherwise indicated, and be sure to rinse until the water is completely clean. Apply conditioner for after coloring that comes with the dye, from root to tip. Wait 3 minutes, then rinse all the conditioner. Dry and comb your hair as usual.