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Give 20 minutes of exercise to your mind

Give 20 minutes of exercise to your mind

When we talk about the profit of exercise, we usually refer to those that are related to the physical, such as health prevention obesity and its consequences high blood pressure diabetes and some types of cancer leaving usually side benefits direct exercise has on mental health particularly the relief of chronic anxiety stress and depression. […]

How to train to become a yoga instructor

A person who wants to become a yoga instructor who has trained in two different ways. First, there is an educational training to learn to be a yoga instructor. Second, there is a workout that you must physically submit yourself to be ready to be an instructor. Learn and practice the methods of yoga go […]

Types of Yoga

Asana is the Sanskrit word for the position and posture. The asanas are physical practices of yoga as exercise, as opposed to meditation yoga nidra is known as yoga or karma yoga and bhakti. In the last century, have implemented various types of yoga in the West. The most popular are: Hatha yoga , Ashtanga, […]

Make your own yoga supplies

Accessories handmade yoga can be great gifts, and add a personal touch to any yoga practice. Accessories can be expensive and are not always organic. Make your own yoga supplies with recycled materials and natural fillings. Use fabrics to create interesting designs visually unique accessories. Borda or related applied as yoga lotus flowers, symbols om […]

Types of Hatha Yoga

Yoga is thousands of years old, and has been modified over time to adapt to modern society. These modifications and variations of velocity, temperature, the order of the positions and several other changes have created many different “styles” of yoga. There is a somewhat modern style of yoga known as Ashtanga yoga, but the original […]

How to become taller doing yoga

The yoga is a highly beneficial form of exercise that not only improves strength, balance and flexibility, it can also help lengthen the spine. Technically speaking, if you are a fully grown adult, the yoga will not make you “grow” as it can not increase the length of your bones. However, yoga can help you […]