Lose weight with fitness

Lose weight with fitness When it comes to fitness for weight loss you feel-literally-everything and the opposite of everything. Aerobics, weight workouts. Diet, but only of a certain type … a few workouts but intense, no better than many low-intensity. Let stand the catsuits raincoats to perspire more when you train …

Since the letters we receive regarding weight loss and fitness are really many, we have always tried to understand more interviewing a real expert in the field, Dr. Antonio, Camo, Surgeon. Specialist in sports medicine, which we post the questions-in our avvisono-longer frequently in those trains or would like to do so with the goal of losing weight.

Lose weight with fitness

The first question, although seemingly trivial, is: why a certain type of training is more indicated for weight loss compared to another type? For example, tell me that if I train with weights is not the same thing as if you trained me to rotating carpet … yet in both cases at the end of the workout I feel I have worked and I tired …When the objective of the exercise is to lose weight, undergo training they do burn more body fat, which usually consist in working sessions continued for at least 40 minutes to metabolic and cardiopulmonary average intensity, are usually recommended. This does not mean that other types of workout cannot achieve the same effect: a lot depends on the physical and athletic subject’s initials. The best thing would be to enter a weekly training session with small overhead alternating three sessions of aerobic workout. Continue reading “Lose weight with fitness”

Weight loss fitness

Fitness When it comes to weight loss you feel – literally – everything and its opposite. Aerobics, no workouts with weights. Diet, but only a certain type … short but intense workouts, no better than many and of low intensity. Let’s leave the overalls impermeable to sweat more when you exercise …

Since the letters we receive on the subject of fitness and weight loss are always so many, we tried to understand more by interviewing an expert in the field, Dr. Antonio Gianfelici, Surgeon. Specialist in Sports Medicine, to which we put the questions – we avvisono – occur more frequently in those who train or would do so with the goal of losing weight.

workouts for women

The first question, although seemingly trivial, is why a certain type of workout is best for losing weight compared to another type? For example, they tell me that if I train with weights is not the same thing if I allenassi the treadmill … Yet in both cases after training I feel that I have worked and tired … Continue reading “Weight loss fitness”

Tips for Weight Loss

How many times we try to put on a diet, or do some type of physical activity to try to dispose of excess fat. And never mind how many times because we are not really motivated to lose weight because it is not so easy, because dieting is just dievertente, but mainly because we do not know what to do. We know we have to do anything, the scale tells us that we have passed the area ‘red’, and we also know that it is not just a cosmetic issue but does affect our health in general.

The overweight is the basis of many diseases and a life style and food handling can literally do wonders in preventing many of these diseases (cardiovascular disease to diabetes, hypertension, to name a few, but the list is long)

Tips for Weight Loss

We interviewed Dr. Constantine Motzo, Nutritionist, and Professor and Contract of Sciences ‘Food from the’ University of Cagliari and we asked questions we receive most often from readers seeking advice on diet to lose weight in a healthy way and safe. Here is the result of the interview. Continue reading “Tips for Weight Loss”

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast. How to lose weight with exercise at the gym, aerobic exercise and diet. Practical advice for weight loss and regain shape quickly.

During this period, the gyms are slowly filling up with women and girls with the gym have little to do, or if you have never attended one, have done so irregularly and very little conviction. Yet, the beginning of the end of winter, the days begin to lengthen slowly, awaken in all of us desire to lose the pounds accumulated, you want to lose weight, getting into shape. Objective: summer, beach, clothes that are trendy and skinny as possible.

lose weight

Losing weight can be, as we well know, and a healthy weight loss can be achieved relatively quickly (we’re talking about 3-4 months anyway, here is where lies the importance of starting now …) as long as you put commitment consistency, strength of will.
Forget impromptu races through the streets of the neighborhood (who are also at risk incident) and concentrate on a typical weight-loss chart that includes enrollment in a gym, and a proper diet. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast”

Abdominal Training: Questions and Answers

You have no idea how many questions we receive on the part of readers, the main subject: the belly, the abdominal training, the waistlines. To answer once and for all the many requests for help from the readers we have compiled a series of questions and answers, with the help of expert trainers, in the hope that there may be helpful. Begin.

I’ve never trained your abs, but now I decided to start. I just do not know where to start. Any advice?
If you are not yet included in any gym, you can start at home, with simple exercises of sit-ups. Be careful to execute properly. If you have never done exercises for the abdominals the risk of a tear or a contracture should be borne in mind.

Abdominal Training

When you do sit-ups on the floor just raise your torso off the floor a few inches and it is important to keep your back straight, without inarcarla. A little trick: if the chin during the entire movement is always pointed toward the ceiling, then it is likely that you’re performing the exercise correctly. Continue reading “Abdominal Training: Questions and Answers”

Tips to lose weight with diet and exercise

How to lose weight in a healthy way, but – above all – to lose that extra weight really heavy and there is not even good for your health. If you ask around to friends easily obtain the advice of the most diverse diets and methods tested and working with exotic names – at least in theory – to lose weight. Unfortunately, these methods do not always work, but most can be downright dangerous to your health.
Since we are getting very many letters from readers asking for tips to lose weight, we asked one of the leading experts in this field, Prof. Anthony E.Pontiroli, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Milan, director of internal medicine unit of the Hospital San Paolo in Milan, and we shot the most frequently asked questions.

Given that it is not possible to formulate a general rule that applies to everyone, however, we ask what is the most healthy and effective weight loss, according to the medicine?

lose weight with diet

Diets are only really help you lose weight. In this respect, what really matters is that you must bring with feeding fewer calories than you consume daily physical activity that is conducted normally.
It ‘s important that you create an imbalance between calories consumed and calories. There are various types of diet, traditional (consisting of reduction in the quantity of food intake) and artificial, the main ones are that a small amount of protein (especially the famous Atkins diet in America) and a small amount of protein and fat , and therefore very rich in vegetables. The studies performed to date show that the weight loss at 6 months and 1 year are very similar with these diets, and with the commercial ones, provided that they are really been met, that is carried out with precision. Continue reading “Tips to lose weight with diet and exercise”

Slender legs

We can not stress this enough. The legs need to be healed. The skin should be toned, moisturized and supple, the hair should not be overlooked and must be properly executed and workouts in the gym are just as important.

Not all have a pair of legs’ to Gisele ‘to show off, but something with a little’ attention and commitment, we can do. Even the gym. We can not extend them, but streamlining , this is absolutely yes. How do? Here are some tips for that already at the gym, or who is thinking about it seriously.

Slender legs

1) To streamline and tone your legs need to redefine our whole way of life. From power supply to workouts. Totally. What the Anglophone called “spot reduction” and the sense of acting with the workouts and diet on a well-defined area of the body (like, I just want to reduce the fat on your knees …) is unfortunately a myth … Continue reading “Slender legs”

The secret to getting into shape for summer?

The secret to those who want to get fit, lose weight, tone, firm and reduce the circumference of waist, hips, legs, arms is just one: serious work in the gym, and balanced diet. All those who will offer miraculous ways to lose weight effortlessly you are selling what is commonly called … ‘Hot air’

But then, you say, how do you actually set to a serious program that will lead from now when the holidays (which are closer than you think …) in better shape than we have today? Many, indeed many readers write to us asking how to do it, wondering where to start, how to set up a workout, diet, etc..

The secret to getting

First, physical activity, which is very important. A gym is definitely the right place, especially when it’s cold again, to burn excess calories and train muscles with light weights and machines. So the first advice is to join a good gym, and organize themselves in order to have time for at least three sessions (preferably four) weekly training. Continue reading “The secret to getting into shape for summer?”

Streamline the legs and thighs

One problem that plagues the mind of most of the girls, and that is the subject of many letters with requests for advice, is to have your thighs are too big, or not to have good legs. Especially in a time like this, when we go around the shops dreaming coming holidays, and choosing the costumes that we wear at the beach, the problem arises in all its importance.

Let’s say that the ‘thighs’ as you call them in the letters that we write is a very subjective issue. There are girls who do not care, and probably are good for them, and girls who instead are desperately seeking advice to lose weight and slim legs.

Streamline the legs

In this short article we address the issue in a logical manner, framing it and above all trying to identify those that may be the most simple and practical remedies for those looking for some advice on how to streamline your legs, perhaps even ahead of the holidays. Continue reading “Streamline the legs and thighs”

Lose weight and tone up in the gym with weights?

Weights and fitness, aerobic training and weight loss. Often there is confusion, especially the girls do not really know if you even get close to weight, or stay away for fear of ‘bulk up’ instead of losing weight …

To do a little ‘light on this topic we have interview an expert in the field, Cristiano Riva, V-Trainer at Virgin Active Corsico Milan and we asked him how the actual weight training, if you can use it to streamline , and of course we talked of stomach and abdominal … Here’s what he said.

shoulder press

How to set up a workout with weights instead of if you want to increase muscle mass rather than weight loss? You can do it with weights?

Losing weight is absolutely necessary to use the overload. Abandon forever the stereotype that sees the only weight loss related to aerobic activity, rather than learn the perfect weight loss is a close synergy between the two. We must point out that using the weights with loads not too high we can increase our muscle tone and therefore the same energy intake with food our muscles require more energy to maintain a tonic, which will take energy from where? Clearly the hated fat. Continue reading “Lose weight and tone up in the gym with weights?”