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Weight loss fitness

Fitness When it comes to weight loss you feel – literally – everything and its opposite. Aerobics, no workouts with weights. Diet, but only a certain type … short but intense workouts, no better than many and of low intensity. Let’s leave the overalls impermeable to sweat more when you exercise … Since the letters […]

Tips for Weight Loss

How many times we try to put on a diet, or do some type of physical activity to try to dispose of excess fat. And never mind how many times because we are not really motivated to lose weight because it is not so easy, because dieting is just dievertente, but mainly because we do […]

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast

Tips to lose weight in a healthy and fast. How to lose weight with exercise at the gym, aerobic exercise and diet. Practical advice for weight loss and regain shape quickly. During this period, the gyms are slowly filling up with women and girls with the gym have little to do, or if you have […]

Abdominal Training: Questions and Answers

You have no idea how many questions we receive on the part of readers, the main subject: the belly, the abdominal training, the waistlines. To answer once and for all the many requests for help from the readers we have compiled a series of questions and answers, with the help of expert trainers, in the […]

Tips to lose weight with diet and exercise

How to lose weight in a healthy way, but – above all – to lose that extra weight really heavy and there is not even good for your health. If you ask around to friends easily obtain the advice of the most diverse diets and methods tested and working with exotic names – at least […]

Slender legs

We can not stress this enough. The legs need to be healed. The skin should be toned, moisturized and supple, the hair should not be overlooked and must be properly executed and workouts in the gym are just as important. Not all have a pair of legs’ to Gisele ‘to show off, but something with […]

The secret to getting into shape for summer?

The secret to those who want to get fit, lose weight, tone, firm and reduce the circumference of waist, hips, legs, arms is just one: serious work in the gym, and balanced diet. All those who will offer miraculous ways to lose weight effortlessly you are selling what is commonly called … ‘Hot air’ But […]

Streamline the legs and thighs

One problem that plagues the mind of most of the girls, and that is the subject of many letters with requests for advice, is to have your thighs are too big, or not to have good legs. Especially in a time like this, when we go around the shops dreaming coming holidays, and choosing the […]

Lose weight and tone up in the gym with weights?

Weights and fitness, aerobic training and weight loss. Often there is confusion, especially the girls do not really know if you even get close to weight, or stay away for fear of ‘bulk up’ instead of losing weight … To do a little ‘light on this topic we have interview an expert in the field, […]

How I reduced my waist in 6 weeks

Not even I was counting a lot, and I say now is that of a model, but if I were to go to the beach tomorrow I would do without too many problems (a month and a half ago I would have to gather your courage …). If you are interested I will tell you […]