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Better manage his diabetes daily

Monitoring of blood glucose, special food, physical activity… To better manage his diabetes on a daily basis, the drugs are not sufficient. Head of the Department of diabetes to the CHU Grenoble, Pr Halimi returned on these boards and the difficulties to follow. Doctissimo: Is self-monitoring of blood glucose necessary for management of diabetes? PR. […]

How to gain weight?

You lost a few pounds after an illness or you have lost the appetite following personal problems? Simply you are too lean. Doctissimo advises you to take a little bit of weight and find shapes. If your body mass index (see our application calculate your body mass index) is within the normal, but you want […]

More I eat, less I used

Imagine a treatment that would allow you to eat as many calories as you like without risk of becoming obese or diabetic. This miracle cure, U.S. researchers come to the point… in mice1. A genetic modification, mice a high-calorie diet are resistant to weight gain and diabetes. The trick was to create genetically modified animals […]

Dental caries and diet

Once, the sugar was considered an exceptional food and was reserved for the sick or consumed during the holiday season. It became a food consumed every day since the development of the industrial production of sugar, he y a century. For a long time, dental caries was that adults, and she began to reach children […]

Weight loss fitness

s.o.s cellulite. Let’s talk about one of the most feared ‘blemishes’ by women: cellulite. the causes, and-most importantly-how to fight the skin ‘orange peel’. who is prone to cellulite? first note-as ‘ lean ‘ consolation, that cellulite affects 90% of the women. Another fact is that cellulite occurs even in young women because one of […]

How to train your ABS and streamline your life

How to train your ABS and streamline your life Abdominals, not just training, not only serves the diet. the right combination of diet and physical activity makes it possible to achieve better results. National Fitness Manager at Virgin Active Italy (19 fitness centers in Italy) to train your ABS, streamline your life, to finally see […]

Tips to lose weight in a healthy way

How to lose weight in a simple way, how to lose weight doing careful a few important rules-of-life and food. Tips to lose weight . Not always necessary to have recourse to strict diets, or stemmata training sessions in the gym (are, clearly, even!) to lose some weight. To lose weight without almost realizing it […]

Train your ABS at home

Not all attend a regular gym. But there are periods during the year (like this before the holidays …) where a bit of muscle tone, especially at the level of the abdominal belt not go amiss. Indeed, I would like to own! Fortunately, your ABS are among the few muscle groups which can be train […]

Are you on a diet? Diet: some tips

The diet. Watch the eating habits of those who are around and you’ll notice that in this period tend to change. Those more and less, clearly. Less sugar in coffee, meals, small portions, less alcoholic … till real diets. The warm period, the time when everyone would not have let go during the winter months, […]

Lose weight with fitness

Lose weight with fitness When it comes to fitness for weight loss you feel-literally-everything and the opposite of everything. Aerobics, weight workouts. Diet, but only of a certain type … a few workouts but intense, no better than many low-intensity. Let stand the catsuits raincoats to perspire more when you train … Since the letters […]