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Three Tricks that Will Help You Loose Weight

Those who are looking to lose a couple of inches by taking up running or jogging should first and foremost address their trusted physician, because this is no sport for the masses and it implies a perfect state of health. You also need a personal and professionally set out meal plan that will allow you […]

Zone diet, safely during pregnancy

Although weight loss and pregnancy rarely go together, dieting is not always lose weight . An effective weight control during pregnancy can, however, be implemented following a strict dietary strategy while you are pregnant. A useful plan to stay healthy during pregnancy is the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, a balanced approach to nutrition that can […]

How to lose belly fat and love handles after delivery

If you have given birth and are having trouble getting rid of your belly fat and love handles, you’re not alone. Most women have to work very hard to get rid of fat accumulated during pregnancy, especially those around your belly. Some women are incredibly lucky and seem to flatten their bellies, shortly after giving […]

Stop storing fat to lose weight

Although the speed of your metabolism is a genetic legacy to some extent, there is a comprehensive strategy available to reduce the storage of fat and lose weight.   Instructions Reducing the storage of fat to lose weight 1 Write your diet and nutritional habits. Includes the average amount of calories you consume daily, the […]

Ways to lose belly fat in 2 weeks

The good news is that losing a significant amount of abdominal fat in 2 weeks is a realistic goal. That ugly abdominal fat is much less stubborn fat that clings to the hips, buttocks and thighs. In fact, the abdominal area is usually the first reserve of fat in your body that decreases each time […]

Losing weight versus lose fat

Actually there are few people who want to lose weight, what they really want, in most cases is to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Specifically fat Losing weight requires you to do some strategic tweaks in your fitness plan. Fat storage Your body stores excess calories you do not need for your functions as […]

The best types of shirts to hide belly fat

The search for shirts to hide belly fat is a challenge for many women. With so many clothing options available, surely there will be a way to see your belly slimmer and better. The key to getting the best camouflage shirts belly fat is to balance your figure and to pay attention to size.   […]

The perfect diet for humans

The plethora of diet products and weight loss ads of make it seem like eating a healthy diet seems to be much more complicated than it is. Following some basic guidelines on nutrition and eating foods rich in nutrients from a variety of sources, you can ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs […]

How to eat foods that burn abdominal fat

Ever heard of the latter method to burn belly fat? Can you believe it’s possible to lose belly fat by eating fat? It seems impossible, right? According to the editors (and experts) of Prevention magazine, yes it’s possible. There are certain foods you can eat and eliminate belly fat without doing abs exercises. These foods […]

Does drinking a smoothie protein after exercise helps you lose weight?

When it comes to losing weight, there is no magic pill or potion that could help you lose weight at night. To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to cut your calories and exercising. This creates a caloric deficit overall burn fat in your body and use it as fuel. Drinking protein shakes […]