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The essentials on implantable cardiac defibrillators

Each year, 50,000 sudden deaths occur in France, whose main cause is an extreme excitement of cardiac contractions. In this figure, the use of an implantable defibrillator ventricular may have a salutary effect. Automatic Implantable Ventricular defibrillators (IAD) allow each year saved thousands of lives around the world. Effective prevention 50,000 sudden deaths occur each […]

The secrets of the voltage

Blood pressure is the blood pressure in the arteries. Essential step for any consultation, measuring the voltage, however, remains mysterious. What are the two numbers? When can we talk about high blood pressure? How does a blood pressure monitor? Doctissimo made the point on all of these issues that care you about. In the body, […]

What is Cardiology?

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in France. In addition to the general practitioner, cardiologist following some patients said to be at risk. Relying on more specific examinations and therapeutic arsenal more effective specialist takes your health very heart. 1. What is Cardiology? Cardiology is the study of the functioning of the cardiovascular […]

Phlebitis, thrombosis, embolism: what are your risks?

Phlebitis and embolism are both severe and relatively common but little-known conditions. The origin of these phenomena: thrombosis, a blood clot blocking an artery. How such accidents occur? Can we reduce the risk? The point with Doctissimo. When blood clots form in a vein, the support is easy. On the other hand, when it comes […]

New treatments for heart failure

A range of new drugs have come to enrich the therapeutic arsenal available to physicians to treat heart failure, which is a serious condition. With age, sometimes the heart become gradually unable to ensure its pump function, which leads to eject blood into the circulation during each of her contractions. Some diseases such as myocardial […]

Expansion of the use of external defibrillators

In a cardiac arrest, the use of defibrillators to increase the chances of survival. Widely disseminated in public places across the Atlantic, the use of these devices remained limited in France. But a new decree has changed the situation. There are each year in France between 30,000 and 60,000 heart attack. Against this scourge and […]

For a heart without tobacco

Five million deaths are attributable to smoking each year worldwide, including 35% by cardiovascular disease is two times more than by lung cancer. Active or passive smoking, all are affected by this danger. This year marks the gradual implementation of the law banning smoking in public places. On this occasion, the French Federation of Cardiology […]

Risk factors for women

Cardiovascular diseases, men and women are not equal. Indeed, the risk of developing a problem are higher in men. But beyond this controversial inequality, specifically female risks exist. Discover them to better avoid! Because they appear on average 10 years later in women than in men, it was long believed the fair sex spared problems […]

Should we be afraid of the metabolic syndrome?

Past two decades allowed a sharp decline in deaths from cardiovascular disease. But today, the mortality decline more… According to some experts, this trend would have an origin: the metabolic syndrome. Zoom on a silent enemy. Ahead of cancer, cardiovascular disease is responsible for 17 million deaths each year. In France, it is the first […]

Prevent cardiovascular disease, it is possible!

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 180,000 deaths a year in France, often in connection with individual risk taking. Meeting in symposium at the initiative of the French Federation of Cardiology, hospital cardiologists made the point on cardiovascular risk factors. Aside from heredity, gender and age, the main cardiovascular risk factors are editable and are therefore […]