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Improve stroke

No less than 130 000 accidents strokes occur each year. At the end of the first month, about 20% of patients die while 75% of survivors have permanent sequelae. It is the leading cause of disability acquired from adults, often aged in Western countries. With the increase in life expectancy, this disease will take in […]

First national plan to combat cardiovascular disease

First dated, this three-year plan is an unparalleled scale. With a budget of 30 million to€ uros, the Ministry of health proposes to reduce 20% of cardiovascular diseases over the next ten years. Although his following a skiing accident, the Minister of health Bernard Kouchner has plans of public health at the speed of a […]

Stroke: inform for better care

Accident benefit stroke of enough attention? The challenge, however, is crucial: only the identification of the first symptoms and early consultation allow to limit the consequences. For the first time, a global survey attempts to assess the level of information to the public on this scourge. Cerebral vascular accidents (CVAS) benefit or campaigns of information […]

Strokes: the rehabilitation goes virtual

Nearly 130,000 people suffer each year from a stroke. Among them, half will have to deal with more or less severe disabilities, requiring a grueling rehabilitation. But virtual reality could soon help these patients to recover faster. Strokes are the leading cause of disability in adults. After such an ordeal, a long and grueling rehabilitation […]

Improve stroke

While traveling to Poitiers early October 2009, the Minister of health Roselyne Bachelot presented a new report on stroke. Beyond an alarmist report, several proposals are put forward to better prevent and support the third cause of death in France. Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of health and Sports, presented a report on the cerebral vascular accidents […]

What tests for what diagnosis?

Stroke is a medical emergency. Quickly, the doctor must be able to determine whether it is an interruption of blood flow or bleeding and if the affected brain tissue is recoverable or permanently destroyed. Other tests are needed to determine the cause of the stroke. The nature, severity of symptoms, the patient’s history, its risk […]

AVC: intervene quickly to diminish the legacy

Cerebral vascular accidents (CVAS) are the third cause of death in industrialized countries, after cancer and myocardial infarction, and are a major source of disability. Early treatment and rehabilitation measures tailored to improve the prognosis after such an accident. The prognosis depends on for much of the importance of the accident and the affected brain […]

Arteries in three dimensions

We all have our arteries age. Known, these vessels may be, at the age of twenty, atherosclerosis-prone fats coming to settle within their walls. British scientists come to open a new avenue to explore. Thanks to their work, you can now get an image in three dimensions of the large arteries without trauma no, what […]

AVC: research advances on all fronts

Cerebral vascular accidents (CVAS) are the third cause of mortality in France. Each year, some 125,000 accidents occur as well in France, resulting in 50,000 deaths. Although research in this area is less publicized than cancer or genetic diseases, scientists argue on several fronts. Doctissimo presents some of the latest discoveries. English neurologists called in […]

Recurrence of stroke: treatment do exist!

The World Health (who) Organization, nearly 5 million people die each year of cerebral vascular accident (stroke) suites and 15 million people keep the legacy. A balance sheet even more alarming that approximately 20% of survivors will be victims of a recurrence in five years in the form of another stroke or a myocardial infarction. […]