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How to quit smoking forever

To quit smoking for ever must have a plan. Quitting smoking is very difficult. Most smokers who try to do it permanently fail. But you can do if you’re resolute and constant. Take a few precautions to stop smoking to avoid relapse and before you know it you will be considered a non-smoker. Instructions Stop […]

Tips to stop smoking quickly

Smoking is recognized as the cause of many major health conditions, including cancer, by most health organizations. It is advisable for those who smoke, quit. Some people stop smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes gradually, but others quit suddenly and immediately. For the latter group, there are some tips that can help to stop […]

How to quit smoking with Fresh Start

Fresh Start is the name of a campaign that helps smokers kick the habit and live a healthier life. The fact that smoking has been linked to heart attacks, cancer, emphysema and other diseases and quitting means you reduce your susceptibility to such conditions. As the American Cancer Society states: “After five years of quitting, […]

Lungs recover after quitting smoking?

The reasons for quitting The greatest impact on the lungs is smoking is the damage done to them in the cilia. Cilia are tiny bumps, like hairs, which are in the lungs and respiratory tract that move back and forth when you breathe, to keep foreign matter or contamination outside. The images, taken by a […]

Active and passive smoking

Smoking, either directly or indirectly through inhalation of secondhand smoke puts you at risk for a number of health problems.You have an increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease if you are exposed to another¬†people smoking for long time. Smoking so problem for children. It’s ¬†right easy to protect your children from passive smoking […]