Looking for a good night’s sleep

An employee at the sleep clinic located on the outskirts of Baltimore with much patience he has put me all these sensors, a process that has taken about 30 minutes. It reminds me a little of what an astronaut might feel to get his spacesuit. Once the process is fully in this web of wires finished, they send me to bed, where I placed even more sensors, including a pulse dosimeter placed on the tip of a finger. Then connect all the wires to a series of outlets in the wall.


For millions of people, manage to have a restful sleep has become practically a dark obsession. In the space of a few generations, we are sleeping, on average, one hour less per night than our ancestors. In 1942, only 11% of people in the United States slept six or fewer hours each night. In 2013, 40% did. Older adults are more vulnerable to sleep disorders especially sleep apnea Obstructive sleep, intermittent breathing problem that causes serious health problems. Continue reading “Looking for a good night’s sleep”

Diseases of stress

Fatigue, irritability… or even cramps and rheumatism: stress can sometimes cause adverse reactions. These effects are more or less serious, according to the event that provokes and resistance to anxiety. Overview of stressful life events and the consequences for health.

Les maladies du stressStress is a normal reaction of the body. It allows to face some unforeseen events or to adapt to significant changes. However, it may be linked to so-called “adaptation” diseases. They appear when our Organization is more to address ongoing and repetitive tensions. Note that stress creates in him only no pathology. It will instead be at the origin of the evolution of certain pre-existing conditions such as asthma, migraine, diabetes, etc.

Diseases of stress

Alarm signal

When our body is under too much stress, he first pull the alarm. If you are experiencing one or more of the following signs, perhaps it is time to reduce the tensions that surround you:

Fatigue, especially upon waking, which has not been repaired by the sleep;
-Sleep disorders;
– Anxiety;
– Irritabilite;
– Nervousness;
– Rheumatism: joint pain, arthrosis, periarthrite;
– Muscle contractions, including neck or back aches and cramps;
-Sexual disorders with decreased libido;
-Loss of memory: forgetfulness, error.

Various violations

If you have not been able to listen to your body, excess stress can cause real health problems, which depend on your background and your possible predisposition. In women, it is manifested by anxiety, obsession and depression. The men for their somatisent more: ulcers, cardiovascular disorders and sexual problems… In General, can identify certain “diseases” that are often correlated with too much stress:

-Digestive diseases: spasms, dry mouth, bloating, diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers, colopathies;
– Cardiovascular: palpitations, pain, gene in the breast, hypertension, angina pectoris or myocardial infarction.
Viral or microbial infections to repetition due to a decrease in -immune defenses;
Skin infections: eczema, buttons red, psoriasis, herpes, fall of hair, -itching;
Gynaecological disorders: delay or absence of rules, benign diseases of the breast.

Too much stress?

Of course, these problems can occur in the absence of any voltage. But if you regularly encounter one of these headaches, feel free to search for possible stressors, to avoid them. Whether stressful events are the cause of your health problems, do not hesitate to make our test are you too stressed out?