Deep vein thrombosis symptoms in knee

thrombosis symptoms

What is DVT?

Thrombosis is a blood clot that forms inside a vein additional often than not deep in the leg. About half a million Americans every year get one and up to 100,000 die of it. The danger is that part of the clot may break rotten and journey through the bloodstream. It could become wedged in the lungs and block blood flow cause damage to organs or death.


Notice how the left leg swells here below the knee. It is a widespread symptom of deep vein thrombosis. Therefore, they are redness and tenderness or ache in the area of the clot. However, you forever have these. Unfortunately, about half of people with DVT do not take liberation of warning signs.

thrombosis symptoms

Pulmonary embolism

A blood clot moves to the lungs and blocks the flow of blood. It can cause respiratory evils low blood pressure fainting a fast pulse pain in the upper body and coughing up blood. If you have, any of these call 911 and get medical notice right away. Continue reading “Deep vein thrombosis symptoms in knee”

How to treat lyme disease

How to treat lyme disease

Doctors could not explain strong headaches and stomach evils. Neither of them was clever to recognize the cause of their growing nervousness that sometimes became paralyzing bouts of depression. An enthusiastic student of karate dolls started to hurt so much that he had to go away practice. She was having complexity concentrating felt exhausted all the time and became so receptive to light that could not leave the house with no wearing sunglasses.

How to treat lyme disease

Sound, her insane, and she was more often than not irritable with no reason. In 2013, after two years of pursuing a constellation of symptoms that do not actually make sense for each disease, Patsy gave positive to treat lyme disease to more than 300,000 people in the United States diagnosed annually with the elusive disease. Within the first days and weeks of infection but people does not all the time expand a round ringed red rash and flu-like symptoms including fever, chills and headache? Continue reading “How to treat lyme disease”

How to treat back pain

treating severe back pain

Pain in the back can be an actual pain in you is acquainted with what. If you are searching for release, take note: Walking is just as effectual at reduction lower back pain as muscle-strengthening exercises, according to an original learn out of Tel. For the learn, researchers put 52 patients with chronic lower back pain on an exercise regime half on a power training program and the other half on a walking program.

treating severe back pain

Not a bit of the participants had been bodily active on a regular foundation before beginning their own routines, and both groups trained two to three times per week. The walkers began with 20-minute treadmill sessions a five-minute limbering up followed by 10 minutes of earlier walking, capped off with a five-minute cool-down and lastly built up to 40-minute sessions. At the end of six weeks, both groups showed an important reduction in back pain as well as enhancement in walking pace and back and abdominal muscle staying power. Continue reading “How to treat back pain”

Lateral squat,ideal for working buttocks

causes of heart attacks

Daily exercise is very good for health. The squat is an exercise that we for all time have in mind when working the lower body. This exercise is one of excellent that there is to work your gluts, so this time we want to present a variant of the classic squat. This is the side squats an exercise that will affect more on the buttocks and that will help us strengthen the majority of this part of our body. As with conservative squat for the realization of this, it is essentially an ideal control of the technique so for this reason we will explain the basic mode to start getting used to his execution and then slowly increasing the go complexity with some variations that you also will know well in this post.

working buttocks


For its implementation will serve just our body that’s who perform the exercise and movements that will be performed. To begin we will place standing, facing forward with legs apart and feet flat on the floor . The hip should be free, that is relaxed and feet flat on the floor. Thus what we will advance the arms so that help us maintain balance throughout the exercise. We can put the separate or seized arms, but always ahead. Continue reading “Lateral squat,ideal for working buttocks”

How to treat back pain

The back pain is the pain which occurs in the lower back. It may be accompanied by referred pain or radiating pain in the territory of distribution of a nerve (sciatica), usually L5 and S1. The natural history of low back pain is acute, generally autorresolutiva. The goal of treatment is to provide initial comfort while the patient tries to keep as active as possible.

treat back pain


  1. Prolonged rest can lead to atrophy of the paraspinal muscles, chronic disability and difficulties in the rating.Bed rest for two to seven days is worse than doing or return to daily activity.
  2. Patients are recommended to stay active as possible and continue with normal activities.
  3. We suggest increasing physical activity progressively in the days or weeks following the episode.
  4. Low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, stationary bike, from the second week to avoid the harmful effects of inactivity.
  5. From 4 weeks are possible flexibility and strengthening exercises for the muscles of the trunk.This type of exercise can reduce the frequency and severity of recurrences. Never start the year in the stages of grief.
  6. You should avoid exercise or stress that can cause a relapse in the box and learn techniques for lifting and sit.
  7. A pharmacological level there is a large therapeutic range consists of 4 groups of drugs: analgesics, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants and antidepressants.
  8. Within painkillers, ibuprofen, paracetamol, diclofenac and acetylsalicylic acid are the most used and studied.The use of opioid analgesics for cases of severe pain reserves.
  9. NSAIDs have analgesic at low doses and anti-inflammatory properties at higher doses being beneficial inacute low back pain by its rapid onset of action, the most used naproxen, paroxysm.
  10. Muscle relaxants as mono therapy is not recommended.Its main indication constitutes the pain associated with muscle spasm palpable examination associated with analgesics or anti-inflammatory and should be discontinued once resolved it.
  11. On the use of tricycles antidepressants are indicated in cases ofchronic low back pain or not associated with depression. The analgesic effect is dose earlier and lower than the effect on depression.
  12. To read more articles likehow to treat low back pain , we recommend you enter our category Back and neck pain.

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How to relieve lower back pain

One of the most common conditions is the back pain and particularly in the lower area. This condition can be caused by various reasons such as herniated discs , pinched nerves, weight lifting incorrectly, bad posture, etc … See some alternative remedies to surgery or drugs Easing the lower back pain.


One of the main ways to relieve lower back pain is massaging the painful area . We can get massages ourselves, but is best done by someone else and, whenever possible, a professional to avoid further injury.

relieve lower back pain

Another way to relieve the painful area is using lumbar pillows . They are small pillows that are placed in the curve of the back when we sit in a chair. Thanks to them we can keep the back in the correct position. Continue reading “How to relieve lower back pain”

Relieving pain middle back

Normally back pain in the middle zone is produced by a muscle imbalance between the muscles found in the chest and back. We also give some home remedies that can undo the pain that you have in your middle back. Read carefully.

·         Preventing back pain in the middle

Usually pain in the middle of the back are from a vice or bad habit acquired by sitting, usually at work, so we must have a correct posture when sitting , especially particularly careful. We sit with the spine straight and against the backrest of the chair. The shoulders should be parallel to the frontal plane, keeping your torso straight. The arms should form a 90 degree angle at the elbow with the forearm. It is advisable to let the hands relaxed.

pain middle back

·         Exercises to improve middle back

Often hurts us back and we think it’s a problem in that area , but usually is not because the pain is radiating from problems in the area of strengthening your belly or abdomen, so a good way to improve the back is working part of the belly of our body and notice in the picture and see what exercises are best suited. Continue reading “Relieving pain middle back”

5 Things every house and could cause cancer

Today it seems that all chemicals on which we hear are somehow related to cancer. We are inundated with so many frightening reports, which simply do not know in what to believe and what not. The truth is I just do not know how harmful that some things can be, so the best we can do is be aware of what science tells us, and make our best decisions based on that information. These are the things that are in every house and could cause cancer .

cause cancer

  1. Antibacterial soap

It has been found that triclosan, an active ingredient in antibacterial soap causes hepatic fibrosis and cancer in mice, which system is similar to humans. Researchers at San Diego School of Medicine , University of California, say that there are negative consequences for long-term exposure to triclosan. Continue reading “5 Things every house and could cause cancer”

How to use a facial steamer

Advances in technology and the cosmetics industry make it possible for many office procedures such as treatments Facials, can be done at home. You can buy masks, moisturizers deep, treatments and even beauty salons equipment at a price reasonable. One of the latest products introduced in the market is the facial steamer. Use batteries or a power outlet and water to start and operate your facial steamer. With the right knowledge and some more items, you’ll be ready to use your facial steamer and enjoy a relaxing treatment in seconds.

 facial steamer


How to use a facial steamer

Prepare your face. The purpose of facial steamer is dilated pores. Since you are opening your pores, your skin becomes susceptible to dirt or oiliness on its surface. Properly clean your face to prevent acne or clogged pores. Wash the skin with a facial cleanser and dry gently with a towel.

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Prevention and treatment for pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that affects the pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach. This body secretes hormones such as insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and enzymes that help the body digest food. Some of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer include jaundice, back pain or abdominal , fatigue and weight loss. It is possible to prevent or treat pancreatic cancer, but the disease is often difficult to diagnose in the early stages.

pancreatic cancer


Surgery is only possible if the cancer is found only in the pancreas. During surgery, doctors usually remove part or the entire pancreas. If the cancer has spread to nearby areas, sometimes a part of the pancreas, stomach, small intestine, lymph nodes, gallbladder and bile duct is removed during surgery known as the Whipple procedure. This surgery is performed when the cancer is at the top of the pancreas. Another surgical procedure for pancreatic cancer involves the removal of the tumors found in the bottom and the body of the pancreas. Doctors can also remove the spleen during surgery. Other surgery for pancreatic cancer are total mastectomy, during which the stomach is removed; hepatic resection, during which a part or the whole liver is removed and cryosurgical ablation, during which tissue is frozen to kill cancer cells. Continue reading “Prevention and treatment for pancreatic cancer”