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Together, improve management of myocardial infarction

Each year, about 100,000 people suffer from myocardial infarction in France. Although mortality has significantly decreased since 10 years, 13% of patients still die in the year following the accident. To improve support, health authorities have established a programme of priority actions. The heart 2007-2010 program aims to further reduce mortality and complications of myocardial […]

Is sex dangerous for the heart?

Can sex be originally of myocardial infarction? Rarely, this accident is due to such an activity. However, some experts talk about a doubling of the risk! Not panic, however, the danger remains very low in absolute terms and in most cases, the carnal love is a “practice” activity. Classically, cardiologists are wary of Monday morning. […]

Core business, the role of hypertension

High blood pressure affects nearly 10 million French. Very many men are involved. Among them, 1 in 7 suffer from due to hypertension itself or the prescription erectile dysfunction. Attention, these problems are often initially bad treatment monitoring. Only solution: overcome its reluctance and talking to his doctor. When you’re heart, Affairs of the heart […]

Learn how everyday actions

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults and the second cause of dementia. These sad records reflect the life of patients who will have to relearn daily gestures through a very grueling rehabilitation. Returning to the home will be facilitated by special attention of environment and the use of some material aid. Our […]

Headaches: a risk of stroke?

Migraine or not, chronic headaches affect millions of people. Before the violence and intensity of some pain, many are those who have questions about the State of their brains after the crisis. A number of studies point to an increased risk of stroke. Doctissimo is an update on these relations still not solved. Commonly referred […]

Inform to save lives

125,000 patients annually and nearly 50 000 deaths. For the survivors, serious physical, cognitive or psychological sequelae. Such is the sad record of cerebral vascular accidents in France. However, this disease suffers in Europe and in France of a cruel lack of recognition particularly. Dr. Jacques Boulliat, president of the association stroke, tells us more. […]

Cerebral vascular accident

Stroke prevention passes by a better understanding of the risk factors but also by that of warning signals. Thus, sustainable ischemic stroke are to almost one-third preceded by transient ischemic symptoms are brief. Too often overlooked, they must bring to consult. With Doctissimo, learn to recognize them! Awareness of stroke warning signs could save thousands […]

The cerebral vascular Accidents in figures

Commonly referred to as “brain attacks”, accidents cerebrovascular (stroke) are the third cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. But it is the first cause of heavy disability and the second cause of dementia in the Western world. In France, 130,000 people each year are victims of a stroke and half in will keep […]

Fight the “toast attitude”!

In recent decades, consumption of Sun has widely increased. Facing these excess ultraviolet radiation, melanoma has progressed. To combat this dreadful skin cancer, a national campaign invites you to do Grill more you “”! Increase in vacation, travel under brighter regions, practices of outdoor sports…If one adds to these lifestyle changes, the cult of the […]

Skin cancer: when to worry?

Frequent, skin tumours represent one of the major causes of cancer in France. And every year there are 8 000 to 10 000 new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of these cancers. When should you worry? How to tell the difference between a harmless mole and skin cancer? One thing is certain: in […]