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San Diego Health Tips: 9 Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

The cause of oral cancer is not known exactly, experts say that it is caused by alcohol consumption, oral sex, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle. Because everyone is at risk for oral cancer, you need to be vigilant and need to prepare countermeasures. Here are 9 ways to prevent oral cancer, as quoted by San […]

Cancer and diet: to eat everything!

Eating to avoid cancer risk… Easier said than done! Should we outlaw the milk, drink less alcohol? Are antioxidants essential? To try to answer these questions, Doctissimo interviewed Dr. Paule Martel, Coordinator of the network of National Food Cancer Research (mother of Pearl) ** whose teams explore this problem for several years. Doctissimo: More than […]

Learn to manage stress in the workplace

At work, you feel tired, irritable, you have lost your concentration or your enthusiasm, you multiply the small health problems… Attention, you have perhaps stress. For after a CSA survey (July 2000), “three out of four employees to say concerned” by stress, in particular due to an overload of work, difficult to meet deadlines, more […]

Myopia: place to surgery!

Myopia surgery is increasingly practiced. But everyone can have such surgery? What are the different proposed techniques? Discover the answers to your questions by throwing an eye on this article! Important progress in some parts of the world, the myopia retains its share of mystery. Thus, its origin is partly unknown. But facing this vision […]

Smokers: more an excuse to stop!

The nicotine patches would be perhaps less effective in women who wish to stop smoking than men. But the new drug to help with withdrawal, Zyban ®, could not be accused of such sexism. Tobacco use increased significantly among women during the last decades. Now, close to a French four smokes. The problem of weaning […]

Is cancer related to food?

Cancer is the second cause of mortality in France. The most common are those of the breast, colon, prostate and lung. Food is a major factor in the emergence and the development of this disease. Cancer is almost always the result of several factors, including food, whose role is better known. Food can promote the […]

When smoking of blondes give the blues

The list of problems related to smoking goes. Thus, the cigarette would not simply of rider our skin, cause bronchitis and cancer, misleading us dependency but it would also contribute to the morale to zero. Of the least, if according to a study undertaken in adolescents by Drs. Elizabeth Goodman and John Capitman. For many […]

The Health News

For treating pediatric cancers, girls receive a chest radiotherapy. Essential element of support, this technique exposed however to an increased risk of developing breast cancer later. This driving would be comparable to that of women with genetic predispositions to disease. The results of this study presented to the US Congress of cancer advocates early screening. […]

Thyroid cancer: towards a new standard treatment

In a low-risk thyroid cancer, four therapeutic strategies by iodine-131 after surgical resection of the gland are also effective, according to a study conducted by a team of the Institute Gustave Roussy. But one of these approaches is distinguished from others by a better tolerance and less irradiation of the body. It should therefore become […]

Of aspirin to prevent and treat certain cancers?

Must be taken every day some aspirin to reduce the risk of certain cancers and their complications? Three new scientific studies published in the Lancet might suggest. Nevertheless, these data should be confirmed. Especially since the risk / benefit ratio of a daily aspirin is not always favorable. For many years, the possible positive effect […]