Headaches: a risk of stroke?

Migraine or not, chronic headaches affect millions of people. Before the violence and intensity of some pain, many are those who have questions about the State of their brains after the crisis. A number of studies point to an increased risk of stroke. Doctissimo is an update on these relations still not solved.

Commonly referred to as “brain attacks”, cerebral vascular accidents (CVAS) are the third cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Their prevention relies on regular medical follow-up and a good understanding of the risk factors. Is it necessary to add to an already long list chronic headache?

a risk of stroke

Women migraine and stroke, attention!
Statistical studies show that there more than migraine in people who have suffered a stroke. However, such observations make it possible – it for as many consider migraine as a risk factor for stroke? Continue reading “Headaches: a risk of stroke?”

Inform to save lives

125,000 patients annually and nearly 50 000 deaths. For the survivors, serious physical, cognitive or psychological sequelae. Such is the sad record of cerebral vascular accidents in France. However, this disease suffers in Europe and in France of a cruel lack of recognition particularly. Dr. Jacques Boulliat, president of the association stroke, tells us more.

Doctissimo: What are the tasks and milestones of the Association stroke?
Dr. Jacques Boulliat: Our association France stroke was established in 1998. We have set for mission information to the general public as well as professionals. Although strokes are the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of disability, this disease remains too often unknown to the general public. Our actions are designed to help patients and their families as well as to promote research. We thus organise a wiretapping, public meetings, networking between patients and the families of victims.

Inform to save lives

We are instead antennas departmental in Saône- et -Loire, Isère and Meurthe- et -Moselle. A social service and website should soon see the day. Continue reading “Inform to save lives”

Cerebral vascular accident

Stroke prevention passes by a better understanding of the risk factors but also by that of warning signals. Thus, sustainable ischemic stroke are to almost one-third preceded by transient ischemic symptoms are brief. Too often overlooked, they must bring to consult. With Doctissimo, learn to recognize them!

Awareness of stroke warning signs could save thousands of lives each year. This prestigious American Heart Association is easily transposable to our country. As are very certainly the figures attesting to their lack of knowledge. According to a telephone survey in Georgia, only 39% of those interviewed could cite a stroke alert signal… The results would certainly not be different in France. What are the warning signs and symptoms of stroke?
The transient ischemic should not be underestimated!

Cerebral vascular accident

A transient ischemic (attack TIA) is a stroke which sometimes stealthy symptoms go unnoticed. Yet, they represent real warning signs since nearly a third of sustainable ischemic or cerebral infarction are preceded by one such episode. Continue reading “Cerebral vascular accident”

Fight the “toast attitude”!

In recent decades, consumption of Sun has widely increased. Facing these excess ultraviolet radiation, melanoma has progressed. To combat this dreadful skin cancer, a national campaign invites you to do Grill more you “”!

Increase in vacation, travel under brighter regions, practices of outdoor sports…If one adds to these lifestyle changes, the cult of the tanned skin, we understand the resistance towards the adoption of methods of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Attention, the Sun can be dangerous!

toast attitude

Sun: instructions for use
Cases of melanoma (the most dangerous skin cancer) are more common. There are now more than 7,000 new cases per year: it is three times more than 20 years ago. In France, the number of new annual cases has tripled in 20 years, rising from 2 300 in 1980 to 7 200 in 2000. At the same time, mortality due to cancer has doubled during the same period, in men and women. If the average age of this cancer is over 55 years of age, it can affect people of all ages and is rooted in excessive exposure on lifetime. The most affected areas are those where the populations are little accustomed to sun exposure: Brittany, Pays-de-Loire, lower Normandy and Alsace. To combat melanoma, the national Cancer Institute has decided to fight the “Toast attitude”! Continue reading “Fight the “toast attitude”!”

Skin cancer: when to worry?

Frequent, skin tumours represent one of the major causes of cancer in France. And every year there are 8 000 to 10 000 new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of these cancers. When should you worry? How to tell the difference between a harmless mole and skin cancer?

One thing is certain: in this field, optimism is never rule. Doubt, to consult a dermatologist and even, past a certain age, make a dermatological check-up for the slightest suspicious lesion. Because all skin tumors, even melanoma, can be treated effectively once they are diagnosed in time.

Skin cancer

Some signs let you not to Miss
In 15 to 20% of cases, melanoma develops from a mole. It increases in size, changes colour or starts to bleed often.
In other cases, melanoma develops gradually over an area of healthy skin in the form of a small flat pigmented spot. Do consider so, especially if the task has one or more of the following characteristics: contours asymmetric, elevated or irregular surface, an inhomogeneous color, which is tinged with Brown, black, red, blue, or even multicolored, sometimes and a great size. Finally, any signs of evolution should you consult. Continue reading “Skin cancer: when to worry?”

Prevention: critical weapon against cancers of the skin

A recent survey showed that the majority of the population is aware of the risks related to exposure to the Sun. If parents ensure more protection of their children, they are nevertheless not sufficiently conservative for themselves.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly deliver a message on the prevention of cancers of the skin in order to encourage the population to exercise caution and more responsibility.

cancers of the skin

In contact with the external environment, the skin undergoes assaults continuously; one of the visible effects of the attacks of the environment is his aging. The skin has natural mechanisms to defend themselves. Melanin and keratin thus provide protection for the body from ultraviolet radiation, the most destructive of solar radiation. Appearing as early as the second day of exposure, the melanin increases until around the twentieth day giving the skin its hale colorful while protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. Keratin ensures the maintenance of the skin and forms a protective layer of variable thickness according to the parts of the body. Continue reading “Prevention: critical weapon against cancers of the skin”

Breast cancer

Six years after its inception, the consultation of “diagnosis in 1 day” meeting a true success with women having a suspicion of breast cancer. According to a report presented by the Institut Gustave Roussy (Villejuif), this procedure has helped 75% of women considered to leave the same evening with a definite diagnosis.

Organized on Mondays, the consultation of ‘diagnosis in 1 day’ receives between 30 and 40 women with a suspicion of cancer of the breast following a mammogram performed in the city. A battery of examinations and consultations will punctuate the day, leading to a sure diagnosis. The goal is simple: reduce the time of doubt and diagnostic wandering.


Breast cancer: a positive diagnosis in a day. With nearly 9,000 women views this day since 2004, the balance sheet of the “diagnosis in 1 day” of breast cancer is more than positive, welcomes Dr. Suzette Delaloge, cancer specialist and head of the Committee of breast pathologies at the Cancer Institute Gustave Roussy (Villejuif). Is to be the initiative of this procedure, which aims to reduce the time of diagnosis and support, generating anxiety. Continue reading “Breast cancer”

Move after a breast cancer!

Physical activity is beneficial against overweight and cardiovascular health. But it is also after a breast cancer, reducing the risk of recurrence. For sports practices of women cured of such cancer, the French mutuality and the French Association of the after breast (Afacs) launched the first national survey entitled “Move against breast cancer”.

We know that physical activity is good for health. It is also known that his regular practice prevents the risk of breast cancer. What was unknown however, is that it is also beneficial for women who have survived breast cancer.

breast cancer

Physical activity reduces the risk of breast cancer recurrence
According to estimates, a 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Thanks to medical advances, most can be cured. But women are not necessarily free, so doctors interested more and more to the quality of life in the apres-cancer. “Physical activity is probably the most effective weapon to combat the negative effects about which little: chronic fatigue, anxiety and weight gain”, explained Dr. Christian Jamin, endocrinologist and president of the French Association of the after1(Afacs) breast cancer. According to this expert, are just beginning to realize that “physical activity reduces the occurrence of breast cancer and that there is a correlation between the intensity of physical activity and breast cancer prevalence”2. “But what is less known, is the fact that physical activity decreases the risk of recidivism and mortality from cancer of the breast in proportions not negligible”, he added. Continue reading “Move after a breast cancer!”

Breast cancer: support plays for small step

The American Clinical Oncology Society (ASCO) Congress gathers each year leading cancer experts. Present in Chicago in July 2010, PR. Pierre Fumoleau, Director General of Centre of fight against the Cancer Georges-François Leclerc (Dijon) presents the main advanced breast cancer.

Doctissimo: Several studies presented at the 2010 Convention of the American Cancer Society are interested in the technique of Sentinel lymph node. Can you in the preamble explain the principle of this surgery?

Breast cancer support plays

PR. Pierre Fumoleau: Invasion of the lymph nodes in the armpits is the first step towards the development of metastases in breast cancer. To avoid it, the removal of invasive tumour of the breast (i.e. having started to infiltrate the mammary gland) has long associated in an axillary dissection of the side reaches (removal of the lymph node chain). Continue reading “Breast cancer: support plays for small step”

Cancer is it related to food?

Cancer is the second leading cause of death. The most common are breast, colon, prostate and lung. Diet is a factor in the emergence and development of this disease.

Cancer is almost always the result of several factors, including diet, whose role is becoming better known. Foods can promote the development of cancer in several ways: toxicity of certain food contaminants, possible carcinogenic role of certain food additives and especially composition of the diet with the presence too high or too low in certain nutrients.

Cancer is it related to food

Contamination by a fungus
An example of food contamination by a substance in the liver cancer risk is the presence of aflatoxin: this fungus can persist in some peanuts and cereals in tropical climates and is monitored extremely rigorous. Continue reading “Cancer is it related to food?”