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Youth cancer

Adolescents and young adults are of worse prognosis than those of children less than 15 years. Faced with this situation, the Cancer Plan 2009-2013 is committed on specific objectives. Dr. Nadège Corradini, Pediatric oncologist, presents the approach committed to Nantes with the support of the League against cancer. In 1998, the first States-General of cancer […]

Adolescent cancer

There are also differences by gender (acute leukemias, malignant non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, osteosarcoma and gonadal germ cell tumours occur more in boys and malignant melanomas and carcinomas of the thyroid more present among girls). If the overall survival rate of 74.5% at 5 years, it varies strongly according to the tumor: survival at 5 years of […]

Childhood cancer: support to improve

Each year, about 1,800 children suffer from cancers in France, or 1 child in 600. The treatment and support of these young patients have improved but are still insufficient, according to the associations of families of patients. On the occasion of the world cancer day of the child, which will be held February 15, Doctissimo […]

Pediatric cancer

Cancer, child… Difficult to associate these two words as they reflect an injustice of fate. Representing less than 1% of all cancers, these Pediatric diseases affect one child in 500 in France. Cancer is one of the main causes of mortality among young people, with each year 160,000 cases in the world and nearly 1,500. […]

Childhood cancer

Facing pediatric cancers, early detection and appropriate treatment are the main measures. Medical advances now allow to cure three children in four developed countries. Organized by the International Union against cancer (UICC), world day of cancer called 2006 ‘My child, my battle’ insists on the importance of equal access to care (14 projects will be […]

Cancer: how to limit the risks?

Cancer is the disease that makes the most fear, because nobody can feel safe. The most common cancers in women are breast (30%), uterus (12%) and ovaries (4%). More than anything, these cancers can be prevented through regular screening and lifestyle tips. In an Ifop survey published in November 2000, the cancer appeared as the […]

Good cannabis for the heart?

The main active compound in cannabis may prevent the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries. Called atherosclerosis, this phenomenon may lead to heart attack or strokes. No question to make an apology for the seal, it is very low doses! Despite its pain, cannabis remains little studied and little used by physicians. But a […]

Cardiovascular problems and travel

The holiday you are concerned but you think that it is precisely your heart that keeps you at home? Be aware that if your cardiovascular problem is stable, you can usually travel. Advice before departure. A disease of the heart can sometimes curb your enthusiasm of Globetrotter, or even be a contraindication. However, in the […]

For a heart without tobacco

Five million deaths are attributable to smoking each year worldwide, including 35% by cardiovascular disease is two times more than by lung cancer. Active or passive smoking, all are affected by this danger. This year marks the gradual implementation of the law banning smoking in public places. On this occasion, the French Federation of Cardiology […]

Learn how everyday actions

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults and the second cause of dementia. These sad records reflect the life of patients who will have to relearn daily gestures through a very grueling rehabilitation. Returning to the home will be facilitated by special attention of environment and the use of some material aid. Our […]