Acute pain in the arm

Acute pain in the arm is characterized by a sudden onset of mild discomfort to severe, manifesting anywhere from wrist to shoulder. The main causes of acute pain in the arm include damage to bones, muscles and tendons of the affected limb. Less frequently, infections and diseases can cause this condition. On physical examination, diagnostic tests and consideration of the factors surrounding the onset of discomfort help determine the cause and treatment for acute pain right arm.
Acute pain

Acute pain of the arm can be traumatic or non-traumatic. Traumatic causes are the most common cause of this disorder, reports Non-traumatic causes are frequently related to accidents, falls, sports injuries and hard hits. Among the major causes of acute nontraumatic arm pain include infections and heart disease. Continue reading “Acute pain in the arm”

Causes of pain in the left shoulder and arm

Pain in the left shoulder and arm can occur in anyone, although some conditions and personal habits may increase the risk of developing it. People with moderate pain may experience relief with the protection of that body part, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Strong to severe pain may require medical treatment. Please note this information from the Mayo Clinic and the National Library of Medicine on the causes of this condition.
Causes of pain

Bone disease
People with joint inflammation caused by ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis may have pain in the shoulder or arm. Bursitis is an inflammation of abnormal fluid inside the joint that can cause pain in these areas is revived intermittently. Can also experience this pain people with a vascular necrosis (death of bone tissue) shoulder or arm. Continue reading “Causes of pain in the left shoulder and arm”

Back pain when lying down

At least once in your life, almost 80% of Americans suffer from lower back pain, according to Health Central. It can affect an individual’s ability to work, exercise or enjoy life. Back pain is the second leading cause of medical consultation and the third most common cause of admission to hospitals. ¬†When a person lies down to rest, the last thing you want is for your back pain begins or intensifies.

Lying face down
Prone position, or prone position, is a common sleeping position. If back pain occurs only in this position, you can have several causes. Spine, particularly the lumbar region is relatively flexed or bent forward in this position. This causes an increase in pain for an individual with herniated disc , explains physiotherapist Mark Dutton. The flexed position would cause the disc to move back, away from its natural position. Also, if an individual has an injured back muscle, this flexed position could cause pain due to stretching of the affected muscle.

Back pain when lying down

The supine position, or back can also cause back pain in different situations. If there is direct trauma to the spinal column and the surrounding muscles, lie on your back may cause pain. The face-up position results in a relatively backward extension or flexion of the spine. The extension is often worse pain in individuals with facet joint syndrome, a condition in which the small joints between the vertebrae become inflamed. Continue reading “Back pain when lying down”

How to diagnose severe back pain

The diagnosis of severe back pain is done by a doctor. If the pain is accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, chest pain and difficulty breathing, should be treated as an emergency. Go to the nearest emergency room, as you may be suffering a heart attack. When there is severe back pain, there are several different diagnostic tests that your doctor will make. He will have a better idea of where to start to find the cause of pain from the description you gave and your answers to the questions he will make.


Performs an appointment with your doctor to get a review of your severe back pain. Prepare to sit, stand, crouch and make other movements that you ask your doctor. Your range of motion will be an important factor in the diagnostic process. You describe your pain as constant terms, stinging, burning and location will also help your doctor where look first to locate the source of pain.

 back pain

Inform your doctor of any previous back injury, even if the injury was years ago. Old injuries can cause deterioration of the discs in the back, so that this information can be useful . The doctor will also check your reflexes as part of exploration, because if the pain is due to a condition of the spine, such as a disc injury, a nerve may be involved. Check reflexes of the knees is one of the diagnostic procedures for this. Continue reading “How to diagnose severe back pain”

Lower back pain during pregnancy

According to the American Association of Pregnancy , between 50 and 70 percent of women experience back pain during pregnancy. Back pain can appear as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy and lasts until the third quarter. There are many safe ways to treat and prevent back pain and do not cause any harm to an unborn baby. Making a few simple changes can help relieve pain and keep the pregnant mother as comfortable as possible while waiting for the arrival of your baby.


Use an ice pack or a heating pad to relieve back pain. You can apply ice or heat at any time of the day to provide relief. Experiment to see if ice or heat work best for you. You can also try taking a warm bath or shower use a massage to relieve back pain.

Back pain  pregnancy

Use a support for the back. You can buy in sports shops and many women report significant pain relief when used regularly. You can also buy special maternity pants that have a waistband support. These pants are available in many clothing stores maternity and some women find it easier to use a back support. Continue reading “Lower back pain during pregnancy”

Severe abdominal pain and lower back pain

Abdominal cramps and back pain are common ailments. They can be very painful at times and can alter their schedules daily of those affected. Most of the pain that comes from the stomach as well as in the region of the lower back can be treated and controlled but sometimes the lower back pain is more difficult to diagnose and treat.

Severe abdominal pain
Severe abdominal pain, also known as stomach pain, pain in the stomach region extending from the lower chest to groin. Because there are many different organs in the stomach area, pain may originate in the organs related to digestion, including small and large intestines, liver, gallbladder, appendix, kidney or spleen. Sometimes stomach pain is caused by bacteria or other infections such as the common cold or flu.

Low back pain
Low back pain is often experienced for many different reasons. This type of pain is centered in the lumbar spinal region and usually accompanied by strong burning sensations and pain that can be very painful and uncomfortable for the patient. Some low back pain can be caused by weakness in the lower back, problems associated ligaments, muscles and tendons. Continue reading “Severe abdominal pain and lower back pain”

What causes severe back pain?

The intense pain can be caused by a variety of circumstances. It can result from improperly bend to pick something up or take years of incorrect posture. Back pain can also be a sign of something more serious, even life-threatening. If the condition worsens, arrange an appointment with your doctor and follow his recommendations.

Tired and stressed muscles
The intense pain can be caused by tired and stressed muscles. Maybe you’ve been sitting for too long or you lifted heavy objects that made the muscles in your back will stress. Sometimes, to relieve this type of back pain need to put you a warm compress on the back. Do it every 15 minutes on the place that hurts. Taking a bath hot can also relieve severe pain from tight muscles.

causes severe back pain

Diseases and Conditions
Strong back pain can also be a sign of paresthesia. If the pain becomes stronger slowly tingling or numbness may be some kind of damage or injury to the nerves in the back. Consult your doctor so you can rule out any nerve-related disease, such as diabetes, neuropathies, or even multiple sclerosis. Continue reading “What causes severe back pain?”

Nocturnal back pain

Nocturnal back pain, or back pain that occurs while you sleep, regularly occurs in women pregnant . This does not mean you have to be pregnant or be a woman to feel this pain. The treatments are the same for anyone.

Avoid long periods of sitting or standing still
During the day, avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time. Try alternating your weight by standing on each leg if you stand for long, or standing on a bench rest. If you sit a lot, stop frequently to stretch or walk a little.

Nocturnal back pain

If you are pregnant, do not lie on your back
If you are pregnant, do not lie on your back. This causes pressure on the veins and arteries leading back. This in turn increases circulation and reduces fluid retention in the pelvic area. Increased liquid accumulates in the pelvic area, causing pressure on the nerves of the spine and therefore the pain. Continue reading “Nocturnal back pain”

Exercises to reduce back pain

Back pain is the result of many different types of injuries and conditions. Often, a person continues to have back pain because it does simple exercises to increase back strength and flexibility. You can reduce back pain without a coach, membership gym personnel or expensive equipment.

Aerobic Activity
Back pain can prevent a person live an active life. Regardless of the pain, it is important to maintain a healthy heart through aerobic activity. It is also important to lose excess weight or prevent weight gain that comes with inactivity. Having less weight means less stress on your back and spine. Aerobic activities that are low impact are the best options if you are experiencing back pain. Examples of low-impact activities are swimming, cycling and hiking. Swimming and water aerobics are ideal because they do not put any weight on the spine. Start slowly and increase aerobic activity while increasing your endurance.

reduce back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, is likely to be a position that makes you feel more comfortable. For some people this is a sitting position, where both the back and the hips are flexed. Other people feel better in a standing position where the hip and back stretch. Knowing what makes you feel better can help you improve the effectiveness of your stretch. If you feel more comfortable when standing, you will benefit more with stretching extension. Continue reading “Exercises to reduce back pain”

Bicycling is a good exercise for piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle, a small muscle on your part later , putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Riding a bicycle of any kind can aggravate the condition. To treat piriformis syndrome, it is necessary to understand the function of the piriformis muscle. At no time self-medication should replace the care of a medical expert.

nerve cause pain

Your piriformis is a small muscle located under your gluteus maximus, the large muscle of your butt. The piriformis is a flat muscle that helps to rotate the leg and turn the foot outward. If you move your toes or walk out to the side, you are using your piriformis. Your piriformis is active in many sports that require agility , like dancing and swimming where you use frog kick style. Continue reading “Bicycling is a good exercise for piriformis syndrome?”