The miracle of life

4 Weeks ago, shortly after your ovulation, the meeting with a sperm to fertilize your egg and provided the necessary paternal genetic complement that your pregnancy begins. A cell thus formed, and then two, four, eight and so on.

Evolution of the fetus – week 1
Evolution of the fetus – week 2

Evolution of the fetus – week 3
Evolution of the fetus – week 4

The miracle of life

First week

Thus constituted egg continued to grow in one of your fallopian tubes, and, after 4 to 5 days, it arrived in the uterus. It is at this time 1 mm. It will then cling to the uterine lining and gradually sink into it to live comfortably: it is the stage of implantation, which is at the end of the first week of pregnancy, and your third week without rules. Continue reading “The miracle of life”

My pregnancy month by month

This second examination is critical. In it, your practitioner will you weigh, will check your blood pressure, urine examination will and serology against toxoplasmosis and rubella. The State of your cervix and heart rate of your baby will be also controlled.

The medical consultation of the fourth month

You will pass the consultation of the 4th month.

Your doctor will ask you a number of questions:

Do you feel the baby move?
Are you bleeding?
Do you have losses?
Have you contractions, pain?
Do you have problems to urinate?
Do you have a fever?

My pregnancy month

The review continues by weight gain. Some mothers will have the bad surprise to have taken more than superfluous kilos. Attention to nibbling and poor eating habits! Continue reading “My pregnancy month by month”

Soon the second child… Will you have enough love?

You are the happy MOM of a child and you want or wait for another babe… Yet, despite the happiness of a new pregnancy, several fears you hasten… The emotion will be at the Rendezvous? Will you have enough love for two children? Will you have enough time?


Very often moms, when considering having a second child, through a period of questioning at the determination or during pregnancy. They ask what they will feel during this pregnancy, how to love the new baby as much as the first, how to get to share their love between the children will love them all even? These questions they are lining up in their head and fill them apprehension and incertitude’s…

the second child

Less emotions and sensations?

Madam, have simply difficult to imagine another relationship that you have with your first child: it has already taken a such place in your heart and in your life that you would like to know what is going to happen with the second. The first pregnancy was so rich in emotions and discoveries, that it will be necessarily different. You understand to not feel as strong sensations: is this pregnancy as pleasant? Continue reading “Soon the second child… Will you have enough love?”

Ideal pharmacy, baby Kit

During its first months, baby needs well hilt pharmacy Kit. You must always have at hand, both at home and on vacation. Compresses, serum, ointments… Small overview for nothing forgotten. Here are the essential composition of the pharmacy, baby Kit.

A stock of physiological saline

Saline is used to clean the nostrils, as long as the child is not known to blow our nose, and to wash the eyes. It is better to choose the format single-dose 5 ml in order to avoid any risk of bacterial contamination. A Board: plan a good stock, he left quickly!

Medical Kit

Compresses in quantity

Non-woven sterile compresses are essential the first weeks of baby. They are used to the cleaning of the cord, eyes and ears. It is better to have a good amount in reserve because compresses can not be replaced by cotton, which could fray. Continue reading “Ideal pharmacy, baby Kit”