How to produce more breast milk naturally

The body of every mom is different. While some women pregnant suffering severe morning sickness for weeks, others feel great every day of her pregnancy. Such differences extend to breastfeeding. Some new mothers produce an overabundance of breast milk, some produce enough and others struggle to keep up with the demands of their hungry babies. If you want to produce more milk, a variety of actions you can take. While some are common sense, others are shared by the ropes professionals lactation consultants and doctors.

 breast milk naturally


Allows and encourages your baby to feed more often. The more breast milk your baby consumes, the more milk your body will. Continue reading “How to produce more breast milk naturally”

Does eating too much sugar can affect your breast milk?

It is well established that breastfeeding is the superior method of feeding an infant. Companies that manufacture infant formula have tried to mimic the composition of human breast milk, but there is no substitute. The American Dietetic Association recommends that mothers breastfeed exclusively for six months and complementary feeding for 12 months. One of the greatest benefits of breast milk is that it is designed to meet perfectly the needs of a child, regardless of the mother’s diet.

affect your breast milk

Composition of breast milk
Each milliliter of milk provides about 0.65 calories, although this varies as the fat content in the milk changes. Fifty percent of total calories derived from milk fat. The fat content is lowest at the start of feeding and gradually increases as the continuous feeding. The protein content is generally lower than that of commercial infant formula. Most of the carbohydrates are lactose milk, commonly known as “milk sugar.” The vitamins and minerals in highly bioavailable forms and immunoglobulins are other important components of human milk. Continue reading “Does eating too much sugar can affect your breast milk?”

How to get the most to pump breast milk

If you are a nursing mother and it’s back to work , a great challenge is how to continue feeding your baby breast milk, which is essential for growth. Pumping and storing breast milk for your baby to consume during your absence is the only way to ensure that your child receives the proper nutrients, even if it is through bottle feeding. With proper planning, the right equipment and a positive attitude, you can continue to breastfeed for longer and keep your child’s nutrition.

pump breast milk


You prolong breastfeeding for as long as possible

Meet with professional health to be able to familiarize yourself with the breast pump, give you tips on how to properly set vacuum levels, and to assure you that your computer is running. It will also check the size of the cup of the pump and can help you sort different glasses if you’re not fit. Continue reading “How to get the most to pump breast milk”

Stages of development during pregnancy

There are a number of stages of development during pregnancy . This process starts as soon as five minutes after fertilization and remains so in the life of a child after its birth . Each stage moves to a human of an organism from a single initial cell to be able to survive outside the womb fully developed. Each stage of development is fundamental to the whole process of birth and, at least during the early stages, can not take place outside the body of a human female.

human female

During the menstrual cycle, an egg is released from one ovary in a process called ovulation. He moved to the end of a fallopian tube and waits for fertilization. During this period, the sperm can travel from the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus, where it can penetrate the egg. The sperm and egg combination is called a zygote. Continue reading “Stages of development during pregnancy”

Healthy Eating for baby brain development during pregnancy

Your baby grows and changes every day throughout pregnancy. Brain development is one of the most important factors of your baby’s growth and can stimulate a healthy brain by eating certain foods . Jonny Bowden and Allison Tannis, in his book “The 100 foods healthier to eat during pregnancy “, report that a balanced diet is essential during pregnancy, but some foods are more beneficial for brain development of your baby.

development during pregnancy

Oily fish
Fat Fish is one of the best food sources of DHA, a substance that the brain of your baby needs to develop normally. Your body does not make DHA, so you must get it from food , and Tannis Bowden and recommend fat fish like salmon or lake trout, to help you get enough. Your baby needs DHA to promote appropriate training brain cells and brain tissue. DHA offers the added bonus of encouraging more sleep patterns of your baby after delivery and helps to prevent post-partum depression. Check with your doctor to know how much fish is safe you can eat. Continue reading “Healthy Eating for baby brain development during pregnancy”

What to expect from a twin pregnancy twelve weeks?

At week 12 of pregnancy, there is a good chance that your doctor and have noticed that you are pregnant with twins instead of a single pregnancy. According to website Women’s Healthcare, at 12 weeks you’re probably experiencing an increase in the size of the uterus, an increase greater than normal weight and increased morning sickness. At 12 weeks, the doctor may also have been able to detect beats.

twin pregnancy twelve weeks

Developing fetus
According to the Baby Center website, at 12 weeks, the twins should be about 3 inches (7.62 cm) long. Their limbs and organs are fully formed, but are not fully developed or functional. Their faces look normal. The twins begin to move, but still not be able to feel them. Baby Center also reports that babies have reflexes. They also move and collide with each other, make a fist and move the toes. Continue reading “What to expect from a twin pregnancy twelve weeks?”

Pregnancy: lack of sleep can affect the baby

Suffering from insomnia during pregnancy can cause premature births and affect the immune system of the baby. Kate Middleton has slept well when she was pregnant? It is a paramount issue for the health of the Royal Baby (which is still not known first name)! Indeed, a study conducted by the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States, comes to show that a bad sleep during pregnancy could have an impact on the immune system of the baby and slow down its growth in utero.

affect the baby

If you sleep poorly, you might give birth to a low-weight baby (with its 3,800 kg, the royal baby has no concern to be!) that will be hard to defend when it encounters the first virus. Continue reading “Pregnancy: lack of sleep can affect the baby”

Childbirth at home

Home birth is associated, in France as in most Western countries, with the images of the past, at the time where our grandmothers, not by choice but by necessity gave birth to their children in their bedroom. In some countries however, many deliveries take place yet at home. Return on this practice to the strains of nostalgia.

Proponents of the home birth, arguing the overmedicalization surrounding the birth, tirelessly cite the only and same country doing figure exception in Europe: the Netherlands.

chosen the right maternity

The Dutch example
If 30% of the Dutch give birth at home, it is important to remember that prevention policy is much greater than in France. And it is only if the pregnancy is safe, proposed a homebirth in a more familiar setting. Continue reading “Childbirth at home”

Who will give birth me?

It is with a tinted relief to apprehension that you see closer to the date of the birth. After having made acquaintance with doctors, midwives and even the anaesthetist, finally it is the encounter with your child. But in fact, who will be present the day?

Everything depends on the type of institution you have chosen, hospital or private clinic, and the nature of your pregnancy. Maternity wards are classified by levels. Pregnancies without complications are oriented towards a level 1. Then there are 2 levels that include a neonatal unit to which address example twin pregnancies. Finally, level 3 have a Neonatal ICU. Anyway, from 1,500 births a year, regulation requires 24 hours of a full medical team (pediatrician, gynecologist-obstetrician, anaesthetist, midwives, etc).

Who will give birth me

In the structures of first, or even second-level operation of the team differs. The midwife and obstetrician doctor are custody, i.e. present on the spot, while anaesthetist or pediatrician doctors are on call, in other words physically absent, but can be “Mexican”. Finally in the private structures, you’ll case the midwife, physician accoucheur not moving during the last phase of the work, for the release of the baby. Continue reading “Who will give birth me?”

The contraception of the young mother

Not easy to think about after the birth: the baby… and the vagaries of the next love reports! Therefore, 5 per cent of the terminations of pregnancy occur within 6 months following the birth of a first child.

The arrival of a child must be for the young mother the opportunity to ask questions about its contraception. Expect a young mother in her contraception? The adopted method before the pregnancy is still the most suitable to his new lifestyle?… Doctissimo gives you some elements of response.

The contraception of the young mother

When resume its contraception?
Sexual intercourse are deprecated for 4 to 6 weeks following childbirth, until bleeding are present. Use a reliable and appropriate contraceptive method is needed for recovery of a sexual life to avoid any new pregnancy, and this even in the absence of return of layers. The occurrence of the first rules varies widely: between 6 weeks and 6 months. Continue reading “The contraception of the young mother”