Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

For the first time in history, they have managed human sperm obtained solely by in vitro events from testicular tissue in a sterile man. Despite the novelty of the news, which was announced by the company specializing in spermatogenesis following investigations of the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, the scientific group of people remains skeptical concerning waiting for more data. We should know about testicular tissue.

Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

However, for Carlo Foresta, professor of endocrinology and andrology at the University of Padua the fact represents an “extraordinary event”. “It’s the first time it happens. Sperm is the end of a series of cell divisions that at some point have to halve its chromosomal morphology kit and change completely. The ‘classical’ cells become cells with head tail and mobile device which it is very hard to achieve. I have not read the work but it would be a great attainment, he opined. Continue reading “Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue”

What is the perfect time to be a mother

What is the perfect time to be a mother

Life is change constant decision taking to the path of the experiences through which we travel every day is built. However, is not the similar as deciding on a new look the time to move house or whether it is time to have children. There are decisions that are principally significant because they represent a fundamental change in our lives. Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the largest because it is not something that can be waived once we complete ​​the move.

That is why for me as for many women it is very difficult to feel that we are ready and we have found the perfect place to be mothers. Years pass and the biological clock sounds the alarm. Then comes the big question: How do I know if I am ready? Many times, it is overwhelming the view of having to care for someone who for many years will depend solely on our care. We must be well prepared for it. What do well how will I know if it is healthy how should I treat it? will I be a good mother?  All these questions and additional have crossed my mind and honestly I have no answer for them.

What is the perfect time to be a mother

I guess as you learn to live the experience but uncertainty sets before us a sea of doubt that we must go before making a decision. The best way to decide if it’s time to embrace motherhood is to reflect candidly and tranquility on at what point in our lives we are and what projects we undertake are the goals we want to achieve and how we are within 1, 5 and 10 years. Sometimes it boils not have maternal instinct because the fear of failure can block.  Motherhood involves so great physical and psychological changes that sometimes we wonder if we will remain ourselves following pregnancy if we will want our children or if things will change for the better or not. Continue reading “What is the perfect time to be a mother”

About emotions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life events. Learning to understand and cope with extreme emotions helps make nice pregnancy and one of the happiest events in your life.

Emotions during pregnancy

Emotions during pregnancy have been compared with the roller coaster rides. The knowledge that a new life is growing inside you can cause feelings and uncertainties found on parenting, which make pregnancy an emotional journey.

emotions during pregnancy

First quarter

Changes in the mind and body begin almost immediately after conception. Some of the first physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy are fatigue, breast tenderness and nausea. These symptoms can cause a newly pregnant mother feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. In pregnancy the hormones progesterone and estrogen affect emotions and may mourn without reason. It is important to remember that these physical and emotional changes are normal. Seek emotional support, trust someone near and discuss your concerns with your obstetrician. Continue reading “About emotions during pregnancy”

Things to avoid during pregnancy

The pregnancy of a woman must be one of the happiest moments of his life. Knowing the proper way to care for themselves and their baby during this exciting time is one of the most important things a woman can learn. Today we  want explain things to avoid during pregnancy.


Eating a well balanced diet during pregnancy is very important for the health of the mother and fetus. Vitamins and nutrients are usually consumed through a careful diet and prenatal vitamins. However, there are some foods to avoid during pregnancy a woman. Raw meat is unsafe because of the risk of toxoplasmosis and salmonella.The fish with mercury should be avoided during pregnancy. It has been shown that mercury causes developmental delays and brain damage in newborns. Some fish may include fish mercury include shark, swordfish and tile. Although it has been shown that caffeine in moderation is fine for pregnant women, this should be limited to 300 milligrams a day for optimal health.

during pregnancy


Smoking ranks high on the list of things to avoid during pregnancy. The spontaneous abortion, low birth weight and fetal and infant mortality has been caused by cigarette smoking. Not only a pregnant woman should quit, but should also avoid secondhand smoke. Alcohol has a variety of adverse effects in infants and should be completely avoided during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol and leads to birth defects, mental retardation and system dysfunction nervous center, among many other threatening problems. Continue reading “Things to avoid during pregnancy”

How to choose the sex of the baby at conception

Trying to influence the sex of the baby before conception is an ancient practice full of folklore and myths. However, among some of the techniques that are typically applied, there are some whose basis lies in modifying the lifestyle and behavior of the parents-which are actually used by the science of fertility. Couples often desire to choose the sex of your baby and many do their best to achieve it. There are some simple methods and procedure doctor who can provide assistance in this situation and at the same time ensuring a certain way the desired gender. The next tips will help you get familiar with all the possibilities available.

sex of the baby


Submit to the selection of embryos is the only reliable method to predetermine the sex of your baby. Laboratory technicians combine the egg from the mother and the father’s sperm in a Petri dish. After three days of fertilization, a scientist test a microscopic cell from each embryo to determine the sex. The doctor then implanted the embryo chosen in the womb of the mother. Continue reading “How to choose the sex of the baby at conception”

Effects of drug abuse on the fetus

The first stage of pregnancy is essential for fetal development. Drug abuse by a pregnant woman can have devastating effects on the health of the unborn child. Other complications may arise as the pregnancy progresses, if the abuse continues. As food enters the placenta , drugs and other toxins also enter, putting the fetus at risk.

Drug abuse is not limited to hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana. Alcohol and nicotine can also cause serious complications in fetal development and even death. Prescription drugs should also be avoided and the counter that have not been approved for use during pregnancy.

Effects of drug abuse

Research shows that different types of drugs affect the fetus in several ways. Although marijuana can affect the growth rate and the nervous system of the developing fetus, the methamphetamine are at much greater risk because they affect the development of vital organs such as the brain and spinal cord. These drugs also have a negative impact on the formation of the skeleton and limbs. Heroin affects the development of the lungs and brain, and decreases the rate of growth. Cocaine can compromise fetal development, which can cause prenatal stroke and result in fetal death. Continue reading “Effects of drug abuse on the fetus”

Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes

Pregnancy requires a meal plan of 2,200 calories for a woman with diabetes . Be pre-existing or gestational diabetes during pregnancy can begin. If you have some form of this disease, your doctor will probably ask you to follow the meal plan of 2,200 calories, you control your blood sugar level regularly with a meter and keep track of your diet and the results of the blood sugar.

Purpose of diet

The meal plan of 2,200 calories controls the calories and carbs to regulate blood sugar and keep it on the level as normal as possible. You can often eat six times a day. You’ll have three meals and three snacks. Meals and snacks maintain balanced levels of protein, carbohydrates and fats for optimal blood sugar levels throughout the day.

pregnant with diabetes

Tips for planning meals

Protein foods include meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, tofu, milk, cheese and yogurt. Make all your meals and snacks have protein to help balance blood sugar levels. Fiber also stabilizes blood sugar levels. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables all contain fiber. Controls food labels for total levels of carbohydrates, calories and portion size. Continue reading “Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes”

Burning sensation in the pelvic area during pregnancy

The woman’s body changes significantly during pregnancy. Because the baby is developing in the pelvic area and also passes through the pelvis during birth, many of these changes are located there. Women experience a variety of sensations, which may include discomfort or a burning in that area.

The sense of burning in the pelvis during pregnancy depends on many different factors. Pain that worsens over time may indicate an injury or something abnormal, intermittent pain is quite normal. In his book What To Expect When You’re Expecting (What to Expect when you’re pregnant), Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel explained that one of the most common causes of burning or discomfort in the pelvis is round ligament pain, which is the normal stretching ligaments which supports the uterus.

during pregnancy


Depending on when the burning sensation in pregnancy appears, you can have several meanings. In the second and third quarters , the women begin to secrete the hormone relaxin explains Dr Raymond Poliakin in his book What You Did not Think To Ask Your Obstetrician (What I did not think to ask your obstetrician). This causes the ligaments are loose and can cause that feeling in the pelvis or move normally associated bones of the pelvic girdle are slightly apart. Though sometimes uncomfortable, the pain associated with relaxin is normal. Continue reading “Burning sensation in the pelvic area during pregnancy”

Zone diet, safely during pregnancy

Although weight loss and pregnancy rarely go together, dieting is not always lose weight . An effective weight control during pregnancy can, however, be implemented following a strict dietary strategy while you are pregnant. A useful plan to stay healthy during pregnancy is the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, a balanced approach to nutrition that can help your child develop their optimal capabilities.

safely during pregnancy


History of the Zone Diet
The Zone Diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears as a simple way to manage food intake. After noticing that individuals passed difficult times managing their portions of macronutrients, Dr. Sears developed an approach in which instructs those who do the diet, the easiest way to ensure that their bodies are fed optimally. Continue reading “Zone diet, safely during pregnancy”

Breast development in adolescents

Breast development is a process that provides women with the tissue and structures necessary for the eventual production of breast milk to sustain life. Generally, development starts early in life, with outward signs of changes that occur during puberty. In some cases, these changes manifest during adolescence, while in other cases, begin substantially earlier.

Breast development

Internal development
The initial structure of the chest, called breast edge, begins to form during fetal development, according to the Medical Center Ohio State University . In addition to the externally visible nipples, girls are born with rudimentary milk ducts. When puberty begins, the ovaries start to secrete estrogen, which in turn causes breast enlargement through the accumulation of fat in the connective tissue of the breasts. While rudimentary duct system begins to grow, with secreting glands which are formed at the ends of the milk line (see Reference 1). Continue reading “Breast development in adolescents”