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Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

Create sperm in vitro from testicular tissue

For the first time in history, they have managed human sperm obtained solely by in vitro events from testicular tissue in a sterile man. Despite the novelty of the news, which was announced by the company specializing in spermatogenesis following investigations of the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon, the scientific group of people remains […]

What is the perfect time to be a mother

What is the perfect time to be a mother

Life is change constant decision taking to the path of the experiences through which we travel every day is built. However, is not the similar as deciding on a new look the time to move house or whether it is time to have children. There are decisions that are principally significant because they represent a […]

About emotions during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life events. Learning to understand and cope with extreme emotions helps make nice pregnancy and one of the happiest events in your life. Emotions during pregnancy Emotions during pregnancy have been compared with the roller coaster rides. The knowledge that a new life is […]

Things to avoid during pregnancy

The pregnancy of a woman must be one of the happiest moments of his life. Knowing the proper way to care for themselves and their baby during this exciting time is one of the most important things a woman can learn. Today we  want explain things to avoid during pregnancy. Effects Eating a well balanced diet […]

How to choose the sex of the baby at conception

Trying to influence the sex of the baby before conception is an ancient practice full of folklore and myths. However, among some of the techniques that are typically applied, there are some whose basis lies in modifying the lifestyle and behavior of the parents-which are actually used by the science of fertility. Couples often desire to […]

Effects of drug abuse on the fetus

The first stage of pregnancy is essential for fetal development. Drug abuse by a pregnant woman can have devastating effects on the health of the unborn child. Other complications may arise as the pregnancy progresses, if the abuse continues. As food enters the placenta , drugs and other toxins also enter, putting the fetus at […]

Meal plan for 2,200 calories pregnancy with diabetes

Pregnancy requires a meal plan of 2,200 calories for a woman with diabetes . Be pre-existing or gestational diabetes during pregnancy can begin. If you have some form of this disease, your doctor will probably ask you to follow the meal plan of 2,200 calories, you control your blood sugar level regularly with a meter […]

Burning sensation in the pelvic area during pregnancy

The woman’s body changes significantly during pregnancy. Because the baby is developing in the pelvic area and also passes through the pelvis during birth, many of these changes are located there. Women experience a variety of sensations, which may include discomfort or a burning in that area. Meaning The sense of burning in the pelvis […]

Zone diet, safely during pregnancy

Although weight loss and pregnancy rarely go together, dieting is not always lose weight . An effective weight control during pregnancy can, however, be implemented following a strict dietary strategy while you are pregnant. A useful plan to stay healthy during pregnancy is the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, a balanced approach to nutrition that can […]

Breast development in adolescents

Breast development is a process that provides women with the tissue and structures necessary for the eventual production of breast milk to sustain life. Generally, development starts early in life, with outward signs of changes that occur during puberty. In some cases, these changes manifest during adolescence, while in other cases, begin substantially earlier. Internal […]