Precocious puberty why does it occur?

Early puberty is defined as the occurrence of secondary sexual characters before 8 years of age in girls and 9 years in boys. This definition is somewhat arbitrary because of the large variation in the age at which puberty begins in healthy children, especially in different ethnic groups.

Precocious puberty

In early some secondary sexual characters appear, but there is no activation of the normal hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis. In the latter group, sex characters can be iso sexualize or heterosexual contract sexual early pseudo puberty can induce maturation of hypothalamic – pituitary-gonadal axis and may end up triggering the onset of true sexual precocity. Continue reading “Precocious puberty why does it occur?”

How to Beat the Skills Portion of the CNA Exam

Your decision to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an excellent choice that offers you job security, numerous options for practice and a highly flexible schedule. If you are a current CNA student or are considering the benefits of a CNA program for your career, the CNA skills test may be intimidating or at least a little nerve-racking. However, the adage of “practice makes perfect” certainly applies to the skills testing portion of your CNA exam and can ultimately assure your successful certification. Follow these simple tips to help you prepare and feel confident in your manual skills test.


Practicing Indirect Care

Depending on your state of location, you may be given three or five skills out of a possible 25 to perform as the state examiner observes. Before you begin each skill, start with the following steps to ensure that indirect care is performed correctly such as:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 to 30 seconds as exactly instructed in class before and after each skill
  • Introduce yourself and acknowledge the patient by his or her formal name
  • Take a few moments and explain to the patient exactly what you are going to do and why
  • Always wear gloves if a chance of contact with bodily fluids is possible
  • Ensure that your patient is always safe and privacy is maintained
  • Performing Direct Patient Care

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Finding a Job as a Nurse in London

London is a city with endless opportunities for job-seekers; so many, in fact, that the possibilities can be quite overwhelming. There are so many people looking for jobs now, but at the same time, there are many openings. For those looking to make a difference in the lives of others, nursing is a popular profession to pursue. And there are so many clinics and hospitals in London that finding nursing jobs in London is easier than finding jobs in many other industries. Still though, you need to be educated and prepared to dive into this job search if you want to find a nursing job you love.

First things first: Education

In order to work as a nurse, you’ll need to go through the proper schooling and training in order to get licensed. Nursing school is where you will receive your formal training, so make sure you apply early while still in undergraduate. Nursing school can be long and grueling, so you’ll need to be really committed to this career. People who have gone down the path to becoming a nurse overwhelmingly agree that the hard work they put in was worth it to have such a fulfilling career.

Make connections at residency

Your residency will follow nursing school, and this is a time where you will get the chance to rotate in and work in many different medical fields. Residency is a time that you’ll really get a feel for what you like and don’t like in the nursing field. You might find that you really prefer to work with kids, or cancer patients, or older adults. Whatever the case may be, keep your mind open and don’t set your heart on working in only one particular field after residency. Keeping your options open will increase the chances of finding a job. Continue reading “Finding a Job as a Nurse in London”