How to Moisturize Your Face Naturally

If you want to do a facial cleaning but have, little money and you prefer not to use your skin to chemicals the homemade products that can serve. With them, completely naturally you will get the hydration and nutrition that your face requires to look spectacular, young and healthy. It is not surprising that nowadays-natural products are considered as safe and effective alternative to moisturize the skin at home. Dry skin can be the result of weather diet even over-washing but this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on an expensive cream. The following tips could be helpful for you.

Moisturize Your Face

Honey and sugar scrub

It will help you to clean skin, smooth and free of dead cells. This will also promote the cellular regeneration of the dermis a process that is indispensable to look radiant young and luminous. A good option is to prepare a homemade of honey and sugar mixing both ingredients 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey. You will get a paste that you can apply on the skin of the face by means of circular movements to make it much more soft and beautiful. Continue reading “How to Moisturize Your Face Naturally”

How to restore the intestinal flora in a natural way

If you did not know, the intestinal flora is a set of microorganisms that are located inside the intestines that influence our health. Favoring the generation of diseases when intestinal flora is affected in our intestines. When it is usually triggered, several problems need to pay attention and learn how to restore the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora also called bacterial flora acts with great metabolic activity and gives light to our intestines.


Whenever severe abdominal pains, diarrhea or constipation are affected in one way or another the bacterial flora, these being the most common causes: Maintaining a healthy intestinal flora is important because it benefits us in helps maintain healthy immune system. It helps to have good digestion and absorb the nutrients of each meal. Prevents stomach upset, such as gas and flatulence, eliminating symptoms such as diarrhea, and constipation.  It prevents some bacterial and intestinal infections like the irritable colon. Continue reading “How to restore the intestinal flora in a natural way”

Floors for cold and cough


The early treatment is key to prevent colds coughs and colds take over or resulting in complications that are more serious. Here are some of the medicinal plants key to combat fever, reduce congestion and inflammation and improve the defenses natural. They work best if it is used to relax and reduce daily stress. Reduces fever of colds and flu, makes you sweat and increases the natural defenses. You can make a traditional infusion for colds combined with elder flower and peppermint it must be taken 3 times a day. Avoid if pregnant.


Garlic Garlic

It is used for all kinds of conditions pectoris, bronchitis, colds, flu, ear infections and runny nose. Add to food, take capsules or make a cough syrup. Continue reading “Floors for cold and cough”

Nutritional advice for fatigue and tiredness

Nutritional advice for fatigue and tiredness

Do you have feelings of fatigue and lack of energy that does not improve after a night’s sleep? Do you need to subsist on coffee? Food is a source of energy, so it is necessary that your diet is rich in nutrients, so it is important that you design one weekly menu, as quick meals and improvised day after day may be deficient in some nutrients.

Nutritional advice for fatigue and tiredness

  • The deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals can cause a slight but constant fatigue, so you should ensure that your diet includes these nutrients, then:
  • Take a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables easily digestible
  • Include foods rich in carbohydrates carbon, such as whole grains, potatoes and pasta.

Continue reading “Nutritional advice for fatigue and tiredness”

What are the benefits of aloe vera?

What are the benefits of aloe vera

Uses and benefits of Aloe vera also known as aloe vera is a plant that as such provides a significant amount of health benefits especially for the skin. It is the gel of this plant, which is used directly for many home remedies without going through any chemical process because their original properties are what make aloe an excellent plant. After knowing the benefits of aloe vera, you might want to plant one of these at home, it is simple and does not require extreme care, only you must be in a place where you can always sunbathe and when their ends are grown can cut these parts to extract gel (aloe vera).

What are the benefits of aloe vera

A bit to go into detail you going to name the main advantages and benefits of Aloe Vera: Contains vitamins minerals and aloe contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Some of the most important are Vitamin A, C, E, folic acid and B vitamins among the minerals are zinc, calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium, etc. Improve your immune system may have heard or read how beneficial it is to consume aloe vera when you are sick. Helps fight disease because adaptions containing that help your body gets over changes due to the virus. Continue reading “What are the benefits of aloe vera?”

How to treat hormonal acne

Acne affects both men and women of all ages. Although it may be due to a number of different factors, ranging from poor diet to bacteria on the skin, many people have hormonal acne. Throughout life, our hormone levels fluctuate. The first stage hormonal intense occurs at puberty and fluctuations continue as we grow. Many times, adult acne is related to hormones. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to treat hormonal acne.
hormonal acne


Clean your skin twice a day with oil free cleanser. Daily cleaning will help keep your skin free of makeup, bacteria and other contaminants that can aggravate your acne. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh soaps or oils that may worsen your acne. Continue reading “How to treat hormonal acne”

How to cover dark circles with makeup

Almost everyone had to deal with dark circles. Whether it were caused by a long night of fun, by hormonal changes or by prolonged sun exposure, dark circles appear at the most inopportune moments. Many people offer “miracle cures” to help cover them, but the fact is that you can hide quite well with the common makeup. The key is a good application effect and a near-eye dark circles are having on your skin.
dark circles


Look closely at the color of your dark circles. They can be blue, purple, brown, or a combination of these three colors. Diagnose your color will help you choose the right concealer and allow you to cover them more easily.

Apply foundation on dark circles using a makeup sponge or applicator. You probably want to put a little more basic than you would apply normally, but of course that is just a little. The base, which evens out your skin tone, helps dark circles begin to resemble the rest of your skin and shows you the areas that need more correction.
Choose a concealer that specifically counteracts the color of your dark circles. If they look purple, choose a yellow-toned concealer, but if you are blue, look for one orange tone. If you have brown, blue or mauve choose a concealer, and if they are red, olive tone should be. You’ll want one color offset the color of dark circles and restore the balance of your skin.

Apply the concealer with the other end of your applicator to cover dark circles, paying particular attention to those areas that are more noticeable. Ideal way to apply concealer is placing dots under your eyes and then tapping for diffusing. The corrector may seem a bit shrill on the package, but when I applique your dark circles look very normal and hide their appearance.

Apply powder to fix dark circles concealer, translucent powder using a fine color of your skin. This will make the work you made to stay in place without resorting to tweaks throughout the day.

Apply your concealer on dark circles regularly to complete consistency with the rest of your face.

Chemical treatment the hair with keratin

Chemical treatment of hair with keratin have several names and come in various recipes, so it can be confusing and difficult to decipher the list of ingredients on product packaging. However, it is beneficial to know as a consumer what you are buying and using so you can make an informed decision when investing in treatments for hair keratin.
Chemicals treating

Keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair smoothing products through a process of stretch blow drying with high-temperature flat plate. The duration of the results varies from home and one treatment at a salon. The effects of a home treatment can last up to 30 days while a professional straightening can last several months. Continue reading “Chemical treatment the hair with keratin”

Facts about massage therapy courses

Massage therapy courses has grown in popularity in recent years, and nowadays you can get almost any spa and request one. If you wish for health reasons or just to relax, massage offers many health benefits. With eighty different styles offered, you will surely find one that suits your needs.

It is believed that massage has been in use since man walked the earth, and people of all cultures have practiced over the years. The name of this therapy has evolved over time. Around the time when Hippocrates lived, was given names like tripsis, friction, manipulation, rubbing and shampoo. The first time I wrote something in a book about massage was around 2700. C. In India rarely find someone who does not know how to give a massage. This is exchanged between parents and their children. Swedish massage became popular during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and doctors began to use it as a form of medical treatment at the end of the nineteenth century. Massage lost their appeal between 1930 and 1940, but this therapy began to make a comeback in the 1970s.

massage therapy courses

There are many different types of massage and each uses its own variety of techniques. Swedish massage is a popular form that uses long strokes, kneading, friction, deep strokes using a circular motion vibration and rattle. The Amma massage originated in Asia and the movements used to stimulate the body’s energy points. Sports massage is the use of this and stretches, and techniques used are specific to complaints from sports enthusiasts. The deep tissue massage uses strokes to the muscles and tissues beneath the skin. Other types of massage include Shiatsu, Thai, which is done with hot stones and one for pregnancy . Reflexology is considered by some as massage, but she only works on the feet. Continue reading “Facts about massage therapy courses”

Home remedies to remove dark spots and bags under the eyes

The bags under the eyes and dark spots on your skin are hereditary, but may be related to aging. The bags can make you look tired and dark spots can affect your self esteem. Before going to expensive surgical measures or spa treatments, trying to remove these imperfections with home remedies.

remove dark spots

Sleeping for eye bags
Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons for the emergence of low eye bags, so the first thing to prevent them, is getting enough sleep. Creates a sleep schedule where every day you go to bed and get up at the same time. Also, put an extra pillow under your head when sleeping to prevent fluid buildup around the eyes. Continue reading “Home remedies to remove dark spots and bags under the eyes”