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How to fight gas stomach pain and swollen abdomen

The stomach is one of the most common pains we can suffer. It is usually caused by bad digestion, poor food intake and gas accumulation. Determining the cause that causes it is important in finding the right solution. It is normal that at certain times we can suffer stomach pains accompanied by abdominal bloating, gas […]

Natural tranquilizer for insomnia and stress

All adults have faced anxiety or distress and we have seen the need of a tranquilizer the minor tranquilizers are often the alternative, especially Benedictines. In a post we want to recommend some flowers and plants that can be the alternative to drugs for producers the tranquility you need. The anxiety can be counterproductive for […]

Pineapple juice: the best natural remedy for cough

Are you a fan of pineapple? Well then think twice before taking a medication the next time you have a cough. Better yourself a rich pineapple juice, because no better remedy for a cold than this. Lemon Juice, sprays eucalyptus, tea with honey … All excellent choices when used as a home remedy for cough. […]