How to fight gas stomach pain and swollen abdomen

The stomach is one of the most common pains we can suffer. It is usually caused by bad digestion, poor food intake and gas accumulation. Determining the cause that causes it is important in finding the right solution. It is normal that at certain times we can suffer stomach pains accompanied by abdominal bloating, gas or burning without having to be alarmed by it. However, if these symptoms are frequent.

stomach pain

Today we are going to know several remedies that will help us to have lighter digestions, to combat heartburn, as well as prevent bloating and abdominal pain in an easy and natural way. Remedies for Digestive Problems Chamomile and star anise infusion One of the most well-known and used thanks to its easy preparation and its great anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which help us to deflate the stomach and relieve stomach pain effectively. Continue reading “How to fight gas stomach pain and swollen abdomen”

Natural tranquilizer for insomnia and stress

All adults have faced anxiety or distress and we have seen the need of a tranquilizer the minor tranquilizers are often the alternative, especially Benedictines. In a post we want to recommend some flowers and plants that can be the alternative to drugs for producers the tranquility you need. The anxiety can be counterproductive for their side effects and should be prescribed with many considerations to give the patient the anxiety suitable for each patient, so we invite you not test the natural remedies that you can easily find in markets and nurseries.


We recommend you use the leaves or flowers as fresh as possible, although also can be used dry plant the last resort and teas packed in sachets. In a pint of boiling water, pour 2 tablespoons of fresh or 1 orange blossoms orange blossoms dry warm takes an hour before bedtime. One cup of boiled water for one tablespoon of flower and leaves boil 3 minutes more 3 rest and take it with dinner. One cup of boiled water with 2 teaspoons fresh or dried lime boils 3 minutes, rest 3 minutes. Take it during breakfast and dinner. Continue reading “Natural tranquilizer for insomnia and stress”

Pineapple juice: the best natural remedy for cough

Are you a fan of pineapple? Well then think twice before taking a medication the next time you have a cough. Better yourself a rich pineapple juice, because no better remedy for a cold than this. Lemon Juice, sprays eucalyptus, tea with honey … All excellent choices when used as a home remedy for cough. But it’s time for you to meet one that is considered the best of all juice pineapple. This fruit has wonderful properties to fight respiratory problems.

Why the pineapple juice is good for cough

Pineapple juice is great for cough. Not only because of its high content of some vitamins such as A or C, which are always important to keep the immune system strong. But also for its bromelain content. This substance would be primarily responsible for the great power that has antitussive pineapple.


Consuming pineapple helps relax the airways and control processes cough. And not because we happen, but because science does not state so. Research conducted in India showed that patients taking tuberculosis with cough pineapple juice, recovered 5 times faster than those who had not taken. Bromelain will help to shrink your throat, bronchi and relieve your combat those pesky snot that accumulate in your nose. It’s time you go thinking about buying a rich pineapple.

How to prepare and take the pineapple juice cough

Only pineapple juice

As it has no science. Simply extract the juice of pineapple with juice extractor. Or you crush pineapple and then go through a Chinese strainer to get as much juice as possible. They drink when you want, usually in the morning and evening. You can even warm up a little to make it easier to take it. Continue reading “Pineapple juice: the best natural remedy for cough”