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Sudden death related to heart rate

Quasi-imprevisible and relentless, SIDS is a sudden onset of often unsuspected heart problems. Not to be confused with the sudden infant death syndrome, these ‘accidents’ kill 40,000 people each year. But the evolution of the heart rate may help identify patients at risk. The sudden death of the adult is, as its name suggests, an […]

Protect his heart from generation to generation

Today, many diseases are known hereditary component. Less known that it is also the case of cardiovascular diseases where a family history can help predict the risk of each individual and thus to better prevent. Has a loved one been a cardiovascular accident victim? Can I get sick from father to son?… Knowledge of family […]

Testicular pain

Testicular pain is a frequent reason for urological consultation in young adults. They are often isolated, but can also be associated with pain or disorders of the sensitivity of the penis, perineum, pelvis and urination disorders sometimes. The causes are varied and it is not always easy to highlight. In the first place, should be […]

Diet and cardiovascular disease

In France, cardiovascular problems are responsible for a third of all deaths. It is the leading cause of death among women and the second cause for men. However these death rates are the lowest in the European Union for reasons still poorly known. Food is certainly not foreign. It indeed plays a crucial role in […]

Eye surgery: Lasik technique is 20 years old!

During the 20 years of LASIK, the technique of laser surgery most frequently used to correct myopia (lack of perception of objects by far), (lack of perception of objects closely) hyperopia and astigmatism, the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) launches awareness campaign “LASIK, safe in our hands” **, with the hope of […]

Towards the end of the glasses?

Nearsighted, farsighted, high-risk… you soon store your sunglasses in the closet. Indeed, laser, robotics and Informatics truly revolutionized the ophthalmologic surgery. Can to much to correct all defects of vision? With universal lasers, ophthalmic surgery is now capable of true prowess. Simplified and perfectly controlled, it helps correct many vision disorders and could even increase […]

Cataracts: surgery changing

Cataract surgery has been great progress in recent years, including the development of new methods for the extraction of the crystalline. However, complications remain possible, fortunately the more often minor. Cataract surgery has become the most common surgery in the elderly. The technique is now well mastered and the results are, in the vast majority […]

Glasses or lenses, how to choose?

In several defects of vision, glasses or contact lenses may be proposed. One and others each have their advantages and their disadvantages. You won’t your eyes! Fashion accessory and instrument of high-tech, glasses are increasingly challenged by more discrete lenses. To guide you in your choices, learn about the characteristics of each. Contact lenses, a […]


Green light to the free service in pharmacies It is, self-service drug landed in pharmacies. Goal: engage the French in the management of their health and lower prices for promoted patients “responsible consumers”. But what about this development? The point with Doctissimo. It is now done: pharmacists have the right to pass certain non-refundable drugs […]

The major health issues

Self-medication, Internet health… The behavior has changed Explosion of internet, reimbursable medicines, care… For 10 years, the health of the French habits have changed. To assess developments in self-medication and the use of internet health, Opinion Way compares two investigations in 2000 and 2010. The French have more recourse to self-medication? For what reasons? Is […]