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Sudden death related to heart rate

Quasi-imprevisible and relentless, SIDS is a sudden onset of often unsuspected heart problems. Not to be confused with the sudden infant death syndrome, these ‘accidents’ kill 40,000 people each year. But the evolution of the heart rate may help identify patients at risk. The sudden death of the adult is, as its name suggests, an […]

Protect his heart from generation to generation

Today, many diseases are known hereditary component. Less known that it is also the case of cardiovascular diseases where a family history can help predict the risk of each individual and thus to better prevent. Has a loved one been a cardiovascular accident victim? Can I get sick from father to son?… Knowledge of family […]

A heart for life World Day heart 2004

The world heart day! This year, children and adolescents are at the centre of all concerns. Indeed, the World Heart Federation intends to set alarm bells ringing before the devastation caused by the unhealthy lifestyle of children. Poor eating habits, smoking, lack of exercise and high blood pressure are the bed of heart disease and […]

Prevent cardiovascular disease, it is possible!

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 180,000 deaths a year in France, often in connection with individual risk taking. Meeting in symposium at the initiative of the French Federation of Cardiology, hospital cardiologists made the point on cardiovascular risk factors. Aside from heredity, gender and age, the main cardiovascular risk factors are editable and are therefore […]

Together, improve management of myocardial infarction

Each year, about 100,000 people suffer from myocardial infarction in France. Although mortality has significantly decreased since 10 years, 13% of patients still die in the year following the accident. To improve support, health authorities have established a programme of priority actions. The heart 2007-2010 program aims to further reduce mortality and complications of myocardial […]

Sexual activity and heart disorders in humans

The practice of sexual activity is often compatible with the existence of cardiac disorders. Nevertheless, it is normal to wonder following a cardiovascular accident, illness, on its capabilities. Shed light on these cases of heart. The sexual act is extraordinary and leads to a transformation of the metabolism that can legitimately worry about the convalescent […]

Sensitive heart: should it be?

In case of cardiac problems, erectile dysfunction are often in the background. Yet their impact on the quality of life can no longer be ignored. “When can I again make love?”, “my drugs are not at the root of my problem?”, “erection inducers are dangerous for the heart?”… The specialists of the national college of […]

Core business, the role of hypertension

High blood pressure affects nearly 10 million French. Very many men are involved. Among them, 1 in 7 suffer from due to hypertension itself or the prescription erectile dysfunction. Attention, these problems are often initially bad treatment monitoring. Only solution: overcome its reluctance and talking to his doctor. When you’re heart, Affairs of the heart […]

Eat for better sleep

A healthy life lie at a regular time, quiet in a room cool enough … But with a good diet! And even if there is no miracle food for sleep, some easy to follow dietary rules can help get a better night. You have trouble sleeping? And if the problem was on your plate? Here […]

Five rules for good sleep

Frequent awakenings, difficulty falling asleep, your sleep is disrupted? However, a few simple rules can help you find the sleep you crave. Here are five tips that should help you not to become insomniac … 1 – Respect your sleep You have trouble falling asleep at night? May simply miss you your sleep time, because […]