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Barbecues, avoid rubbing alcohol!

Accidents of barbecues, are, like those of domestic fires, sometimes responsible for deep Burns extended, that go beyond the skin to attack underlying tissues and muscles. Deaths occur in 10% of cases. Attention so when you prepare Grill and especially when you avivez home with alcohol to burn or any other flammable liquid. Rare, barbecue […]

Gestures of emergencies: where to train?

Different organizations provide Attestation of training in first aid (AFPS), which allows to obtain the diploma of first aid. Next to the French Red Cross and firefighters, include other associations whose status follows the law of 1901, the order of Malta, the Civil Protection and a myriad of small organizations such as the white cross. […]

Generalization of defibrillators: there is urgency!

ardiac arrest cause 50,000 deaths each year. Against this scourge, the quick use of defibrillators could save many lives. Must be able to access… Nearly 110 people die each day of cardiac arrest. Facing this vital emergency, every minute that passes reduces the survival rate of 10%. To react quickly and well, better training to […]

Cardiac defibrillator: 4 minutes to save lives!

More than 40 000 people die each year in France of a cardiac arrest. Several thousand of them could be saved by a defibrillator. A campaign stresses the relevance of their generalization in public places. Between 40 to 60 000 people die each year in France of a cardiac arrest. However, if the defibrillators were […]

Start a physical activity with a plan

You decided to lose a few pounds! To achieve your goal, you will change your diet and spend you! It is an excellent initiative, but be careful not to do anything! Some precautions should be taken, especially if one starts from zero or one has significant weight problems. 1 – A check-up is required First, […]

Improve stroke

No less than 130 000 accidents strokes occur each year. At the end of the first month, about 20% of patients die while 75% of survivors have permanent sequelae. It is the leading cause of disability acquired from adults, often aged in Western countries. With the increase in life expectancy, this disease will take in […]

Genetic testing: real prevention tool?

One might assume that the discovery of a genetic predisposition to a disease encouraged to follow the guidance of prevention or screening. Evidence of a certain fatalism or a real lack of awareness, studies indicate the opposite. One of the consequences of the deciphering of the human genome is to pave the way for predictive […]

Statins: from the heart to the brain

Effective to lower cholesterol, Statins are part of the most innovative drugs in recent years in cardiology. Recent work suggests that their indications could also expand to many other diseases. Hyperlipidemia is part of the most important risk factors for atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction. No one calls into question the importance of combating this excess […]

Robots surgeons put of the heart

A surgeon who operates virtually 3D, a hyper-performance computer screen, and a robot that actually does the work on the patient. This is the new face of the operating block. “Is not a robot working for you, it’s me”. And at the outset, Pr Daniel Loisance, heart surgeon (hospital Henri Mondor, Creteil) presents the clocks […]

The research against the bad cholesterol

How to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase good? This cruel dilemma researchers rely on several factors. In addition to the search for new drugs, they were able to focus on prevention: nutrition and physical activity. But for young victims of cardiac accident, the cause of the problem might be genetic. Blood cholesterol […]