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50 years of childbirth without pain

Created initially for the Steelworkers, the maternity ward of the Bluets in Paris has become the reference for painless childbirth. But since the 1950s, the preparation at birth has deeply changed. For Dr. Evelyne Petroff and Danielle Sfoggia today the accompaniment should be customized and fostering dialogue. They respond to issues of Doctissimo. Doctissimo: Bluets […]

Who will give birth me?

It is with a tinted relief to apprehension that you see closer to the date of the birth. After having made acquaintance with doctors, midwives and even the anaesthetist, finally it is the encounter with your child. But in fact, who will be present the day? Everything depends on the type of institution you have […]

Facilitate access by minors to contraception

While 18,000 young girls became pregnant in 2010, only 4,500 have gone at the end of their pregnancy. To avoid unintended pregnancies, a report is to be delivered to the Secretary of State for youth stressing the need for anonymous and free contraception for all teenage minor. Being pregnant at 13 or 14 years, this […]

Cancer: how to limit the risks?

Cancer is the disease that makes the most fear, because nobody can feel safe. The most common cancers in women are breast (30%), uterus (12%) and ovaries (4%). More than anything, these cancers can be prevented through regular screening and lifestyle tips. In an Ifop survey published in November 2000, the cancer appeared as the […]

Trigger childbirth

Be able to decide the date of the birth of a child is an ideal for some parents and obstetricians and one aberration for others. Between these two extremes, there is certainly no established truth but a multitude of situations ranging from wait where is the “nature” which will decide the spontaneous starting of the […]

The Senate examines the draft law

The centrist Senator for the Rhone Muguette Dini presented February, 2013, his bill authorizing experimentation of the birth houses. The text was discussed in the Senate, but due to time constraints, could not be voted on. The vote will take place in the coming weeks. Birth houses: consideration of the Bill in the Senate The […]

The heart, this extraordinary pump

The heart is a pear-shaped hollow muscular organ located between the lungs, in the middle of the chest. It ensures the circulation of blood throughout the body, cells receive oxygen and nutrients. It is attached to the sternum by specific connective tissue called ligaments. The size of an adult heart is comparable to that of […]

What aid bring to hit something by a Cerebral vascular Accident?

The aid that you can make to a subject who has suffered a stroke depend on the seriousness of the situation. On the basis of disability and the speed of the recovery, you in turn support and both functional and psychological. The stroke may have important consequences on the patient but also on his entourage. […]

Why men don’t listen to half?

It might be a scientific justification for the scant attention which men are capable. Researchers at Indiana University (United States) found the explanation to this ancestral problem: men seek only half of their brains when they listen while women use the two cerebral hemispheres.This is a study that could well feed conversations and revive a […]

The summer of all dangers

Summer is here and the holidays are approaching. Moment of joy and family reunion but also dangers for the younger period. An American study comes to the demonstration. The period of the year from May to August is that exposes the most children in accidents. American researchers have surveyed between 1991 and 1996 under the […]