What is a Californian Massage therapy?

Californians massages therapy have become popular in spas and massage therapy studies. This type of massage incorporates many of the senses of the receiver and has numerous benefits for physical and mental health. Read on to learn more about the art of massage. You can decide to enjoy a Californian massage, or learn to give you one.

The Californian massage is similar to Swedish massage, in which long, elegant and vigorous muscular movements manipulations are used. According to the Canadian Association of Therapists in Medicine Complementary, Californian massage technique was created in the 1970s in Big Sur, California, at the Esalen Institute. Was performed as an accompaniment to psychotherapy, providing relaxation and feel reminiscent of the form in which a mother wraps and caresses a baby. These moves are intended to spark a physical reminder of the positive contact the patient received as a child.

Massage therapy

A Californian massage is a full body massage sensual. This means that the recipient must be fully naked or wear very little clothing, either underwear or swimwear. If your massage therapist is a licensed professional, you can be assured that it will not act inappropriately. However, the towels can cover more of the body parts in which the therapist is not currently working. Continue reading “What is a Californian Massage therapy?”

Race information of child psychologist

Psychologists use the latest psychological research and medical treatments to effectively treat those suffering from difficulties. Working in child psychology involves counseling for children and adolescents and their development aid behavioral and social. They can do this in a school or in a specialized clinic. They can also become educators or work in research positions.

Clinical child psychologists treat children with developmental disorders such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression in childhood and often work in a mental health clinic or other specialist clinic. Other child psychologists can work in schools where children are advising, informing them about the services available to them and help them talk through difficult situations. There are research positions available to child psychologists in institutions that focus on children’s mental health . According to the website directory degree, child psychologists can also become educators who teach courses on child psychology.

child psychologist

Child psychologists typically work in an office or clinic setting. Some of the experiences of patients child psychologists work could be disturbing for the psychologist, so these therapists talk to other therapists. Child psychologists at the university level may be under a lot of effort because not only expected to teach classes and conduct investigations, but often also expected to perform administrative tasks. Continue reading “Race information of child psychologist”

How to make your own tailor pressure pad

A tailor pad provides firm support for pressing curved seams, conical and other problem areas. You can make your own tailor pressure pad in about an hour. Bilayers using waste cotton cloth stuffed. Choose free cotton muslin pattern or colorful prints 100% cotton cover. Ask a lot of pressure pads in different sizes to meet all your apparel needs.

tailor pressure pad



Follow this simple pattern

Cut two rectangles of 9 × 24 inches (22.5 × 60 cm). Fold each rectangle in half, with the sides back together to form two rectangles of 9 × 12 inches (22.5 × 30 cm). Continue reading “How to make your own tailor pressure pad”

Phthalates: 4 drugs under supervision

The National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM) imposes precautions of employment for four drugs containing phthalates in quantities exceeding the thresholds recommended in Europe.

The European Agency of the drug (EMA) recently published draft recommendations to guide the use of phthalates as excipients in drugs. But in the meantime the replacement of phthalates in these pharmaceutical specialties, and as a precautionary measure, the National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM) recommends that health professionals limit the dose and duration of treatment of the medicinal products concerned and to advise against use in children and pregnant or lactating.

drug rehab centers

3 toxic phthalates to humans
Pushing its investigations, the ANSM has identified the presence of phthalates in about 150 drugs. “These compounds are particularly used for the coating of tablets and especially for tablets with active ingredient must be released gradually explains the ANSM. Continue reading “Phthalates: 4 drugs under supervision”

Peak flow meters

For asthmatics, measurement of expiratory flow to follow the progression of the disease. This tracking is an indicator of the effectiveness of the treatment and a means of predicting the occurrence of crises. Find out with Doctissimo everything you need to know on this device that has no shortage of breath.

According to Dr. Jean-François Dessanges Cochin Hospital, “all doctors should systematically practice the measurement of peak expiratory flow in all patients as easily taken the voltage.” But this screening exercise is not yet widespread.

Peak flow meters

Who should use this test?
Les debitmetres de pointe. These devices are intended for all adult asthmatics or children from the age of five years. Below this age, the extent of the breath is hard to impose. It is particularly recommended for severe asthma. It allows to evaluate the effectiveness of drug treatment. Continue reading “Peak flow meters”

The substantive treatment of asthma

Unlike the treatment of the crisis that brings immediate relief, substantive treatment should be taken on a regular basis in order to control the symptoms and reduce the number of crises. These drugs can also prevent degradation of lung function over time.

Background processing is the only way to effectively reduce the number, duration and intensity of the crisis. It takes as long as lasts disease and is based on daily doses of drugs that will act in depth on the phenomena of asthma.

treatment of asthma

The different available treatments
Background processing relies primarily on an anti-inflammatory to reduce the hyperresponsiveness and airway inflammation. These two components of asthma must absolutely be controlled to curb the deterioration of the disease. The products are the inhaled corticosteroids, the Inhaled cromones or antileukotrienes. Continue reading “The substantive treatment of asthma”

Childhood cancer

Facing pediatric cancers, early detection and appropriate treatment are the main measures. Medical advances now allow to cure three children in four developed countries.

Organized by the International Union against cancer (UICC), world day of cancer called 2006 ‘My child, my battle’ insists on the importance of equal access to care (14 projects will be launched by the UICC in 2006 in ten poor countries) and screened early1.

childhood cancer

Few identified risk factors
Because the causes of childhood cancers remain largely mysterious. They most likely result from a lack of development of organs, already present sometimes in an embryonic State. Because of these genetic origins, no preventive measure concerns currently pediatric cancers. Some environmental risk factors have been advanced. The only well-established is exposure to ionizing radiation on children but also on the pregnant woman. Other factors remain more controversial as proximity to high-voltage lines and fields electromagnetic2, exposure to chemicals of parents3, certain infections4, smoking parents5… Continue reading “Childhood cancer”

Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?

On the forums, the rumor runs… Electronic cigarette would be the miracle solution to stop smoking! This is at least suggest several companies marketing these products. But in turn, French and the World Health Organization health authorities recommend the utmost caution.

Electronic cigarette reproduces the shape and feel of a conventional cigarette. Found inside this small feat of miniaturization: a battery, a microprocessor, a sprayer and a cartridge designed to be sprayed with a liquid that may contain nicotine or the aromatic substances of food additives or artificial flavourings. Each puff, the liquid mixed with the inspired air is broadcast in the form of steam, that reproduced the smoke from a cigarette, and is inhaled by the user.

Electronic cigarette

WHO has never guaranteed electronic cigarettes

Companies marketing electronic cigarettes generally describe them as a way to help smokers to get rid of their dependence on tobacco. Some have even been up to suggest that the World Health (who) organization considered this technique as legitimate as nicotine (gum, lozenges and patches to nicotine). Continue reading “Electronic cigarette: the false good idea?”

The antidependance vaccine is nearby!

Recent discoveries have allowed better understanding of the mechanisms of drug dependence. Thanks to these advanced therapies appear at hand. Among the most promising, the development of a “antidependance vaccine” would fall under more science fiction.

Coffee, alcohol, tobacco, cocaine… and if a vaccine could tomorrow make you spend your bad habits and your dependencies?… The idea is not recent, but researchers have never been as close to the goal.

antidependance vaccine

A sting against cocaine
It is in the 1970s that American scientists are considering for the first time the possibility of a vaccine against the drug. Before the arrival of methadone, this research axis receives a favourable response on the part of concerned parents for their offspring in full hippie period. But different tests for heroin ultimately proved inconclusive. Fortunately, its support is currently based on effective treatments: Subutex and methadone. Continue reading “The antidependance vaccine is nearby!”

A pill to stop smoking

Canadian researchers report having found a pill that would allow the smoker to finish with the cigarette. Already used against psoriasis, the reflect revealed other properties: it slows the metabolism of nicotine and would be thus a true “magic potion” against smoking addiction.

Nicotine establishes and maintains the smoking addiction. Thus, the principle of various treatments for smoking cessation (patches, gum, etc.) aims to progressively reduce the daily dose of nicotine in the blood of the smoker. But a Canadian study could lead to the development of a new therapeutic pathway.

Man breaking cigarette

Limit the urge to smoke
After a cigarette smoker absorbs the nicotine that is found in his blood. Nicotine is then metabolized in blood and its concentration decreases. Below a certain threshold, the smoker is apt to turn a cigarette. “The principle (developed in this study) is different from what is currently used” said Edward M. Sellers, Director of the study. Continue reading “A pill to stop smoking”